Taking Action: Bad Drainage Ditch in New Market Flooding Homeowner’s Yard

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NEW MARKET, Ala. (WHNT) - WHNT News 19 is taking action for a New Market homeowner.

WHNT News 19 viewer Kristy Stewart emailed us saying the drainage ditch in her yard is not working properly and has become a hot bed for mosquitoes.

Every time it rains, water floods Stewart's yard off Archered Way, as well as other yards on her street.

Once the rainwater runs downhill, along Stewart's house, it is forced to make a sharp turn to the right, under her driveway and that is where the problem gets out of hand.

"It's almost like trying to put ten gallons of water through a Coke top bottle and you just can't do that," said Stewart. "We're at the bottom of a culvert, so all the water is running downhill, so it's going to go much faster and back-up much faster."

She reached out to local officials for help, but with little success.

"I had contacted them a little over two years ago just by phone calls and really didn't get a response," said Stewart. "Last year, I actually went into the commissioner's office, gave him some film and some video and never got a response from him."

WHNT News 19 took action and reached out to Madison County District 3 Commission Eddie Sisk multiple times. He has yet to return our calls.

We will continue to pursue this story until we can get answers for Stewart and her neighbors.

"They probably didn't expect this much water to come through the area and there has to be another solution," said Stewart. "I'm open to working with them. There has to be some other way to get this water to where it needs to go."


  • Rob

    It would be nice if the person writing this story would say what area of New Market this is in. Is that too hard?

  • Bill B.

    Good luck trying to get Eddie Sisk to do anything. He likes the title “Commissioner” but that’s about it. He’ll tell you what he thinks you want to hear and goes on and does what he wants. Now that this issue has gotten TV coverage he’ll come out of hiding. Eddie has a VERY nice house in Fossil Rim sub division off of hwy 72 going towards Gurley, Just past the Madison County H.S. He does have to worry about high water issues. There is some justice though. His home is now looking down the throat of the NEW Vulcan Quarry. But,the local folks in the area are betting that Vulcan buys his house in thanks for his support of getting the quarry approved. Now that would be a good story to cover.

  • Cole

    I live on the road behind Archered Way and share this ditch with the Stewarts. Ironically, just last week I noticed where some tracks had been made through the side of the ditch that is part of my property and some of the huge rocks and been moved and some ground had been dug up. I called the commission and confirmed that they are in fact going to start work on the ditch soon. They didnt get very far because the ground was still too wet from the recent rain and didnt want to mess up my yard anymore than they already did. I assume they will fix my yard once the project is complete or they will be hearing from another Deer Valley home owner.

    I would like to point out that I think their plan to fix the ditch is actually going to make things worse for the Stewart’s. When I called, the genetleman I spoke to said their plan is to remove all the rocks, which were put there initially to help slow water and decrease erosion except they put way too many and blocked much of the water flow. The water only drains when it rains in extreme excess as seen in the video. Nonetheless, their plan is to remove the rocks and lay sod down to allow the water to flow better, but unfortunately, better in this case will mean faster. And faster water will mean more water backup and more flooding on Archered Way. Common sense must not be a high priority when it comes to the District 3 Madison County Commission.

    • Kristy Stewart

      Hey Cole! Kristy Stewart here. I sure hope they do not do sod. That is what was there before they laid the large rocks. I am hoping to get you, the guys next door to you, and myself and getting a meeting with Sisk. If he does not comply then I will proceed with going above his head to Dale Strong. And if that doesn’t work to hire a lawyer. Someone was wrong in this. Whether it was the developer or the county. I am glad that you and I are on the same page!!

  • Bill B.

    Common sense in that office is a joke. Keel Mountain Road in Gurley is caving in and there have been numerous calls to Eddie Sisk about this problem. All they do is add asphalt on top of the road and all this does is add additional weight to the problem. It will take a land slide with traffic coming down the mountain to get this problem fixed. Hopefully no one will be injured. I know money is tight. But it’s apparent that no type of priority list has been established in regards to which areas of the county need work first.
    Now when it comes to Mr. Hayes and the Vulcan Company, Eddie will do back flips to make things right for them. The old saying here fits very well, “Money Talks and BS Walks”. If I sound disgruntled…………I AM!!!!!!!

  • Bill B.

    Good luck on your quest. Unless you bring something to the table that will benefit Eddie (like make him look like a hero),you’ve got an up hill battle. If he tells you he needs to talk to Richard Grace at the county office……….forget it. Again….GOOD LUCK!!

  • DarkWolf

    I also live in New Market, on a different street in a different subdivision, but with the exact same problem! Our ditches are much deeper, so the water doesn’t flood the road or street, it simply backs up and creates 3-4 feet deep swimming pools for bugs, snakes, and other pests. It usually takes about 1-2 dry weeks for the water to drain completely just so I can mow the area. The problem is worse across the street. There are 2 large drain concrete drains running from my yard, diagnoally thru an intersection to my neighbors house. They get the worse of it. We just moved into the subdivision and our neighbors said they have been calling for the last 7 years to have the problem fixed with no results. Supposedly, they did come out and fix 2 driveways where there was so much washout from the backed-up water that the driveways started caving. I have no way to verify this though.

    Long story short, they don’t care, its not their problem, fix it yourself. That’s the impression I get from the county and it pisses me off too!

    • DarkWolf

      If WHNT would like to contact me, I would be happy to add my name to the list of disgruntled New Market residents needing ditch repair. Maybe they can have the county fix the problems for all of us at once! #dreamsofgrandeur

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