No more food trucks for Boeing employees until safety concerns are addressed

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) --  No more delicious taco lunches for Boeing employees. On-On Tacos food truck announced on its Facebook page Monday that it will no longer run lunch service at The Boeing Company.  The owner of the business told WHNT News 19 that Boeing's safety committee will no longer allow vendors to come on campus if they use propane. On-On Tacos uses a propane grill, but the owner is willing to make changes so the truck doesn't lose Boeing's business.

"We service about 75 to 80 people a day for lunch," said Robert Justice, the owner of On-On Tacos. "It means great sales for us."

It seemed to be a good working relationship, until now. "We were informed last week that due to changes in their safety policy, they would no longer allow food vendors that use propane, and we use propane for our flat tops."

Now, he's trying to figure out his new game plan. However, he doesn't want to give up on Boeing just yet. "I've contacted them back and asked if there was any specific safety issue I need to know about, or if this is just a new blanket policy and if we switch to an all-electric operation would we be allowed back out?"

In general, Boeing is the busiest lunch service the food truck does during the week. Justice said it'll be a hit to the business to lose that lunch crowd.  "If we can switch to all electric, we're willing to look at that and make that investment to keep the partnership with Boeing," he said. "If we can't do that, we're already in talks with BASF and we've been approved to come out there for multiple services lunch and dinner, so we're going to start rolling that into the rotation."

The taco truck serves lunch on Redstone Arsenal Tuesday through Friday. Justice said he knows there are security measures his business has to go through. It's just the nature of the food truck business. "If it's their corporate policy, I understand and respect that," he said. "But we do service the Arsenal multiple days a week, Boeing does seem to have some very strict safety policies which I understand and can appreciate but we try to comply with everything possible."

WHNT News 19 talked with Boeing officials Monday evening. They told us that On-On Tacos will have an opportunity to come back on the campus once a few safety issues are addressed. 


  • Nuclear Mike

    Just wait…there will be a risk of big explosion during the Food Truck night as many could see there appeared to be little to prevent some one from tampering with a ready-made-bomb on each and every food truck that had propane tanks for fuel!!!

  • Not Nuclear Mike

    You do realize that Boeing corporate policy has to handle a wide mix of security issues. It is not that this particular food truck can’t use propane, but that a vendor or employee for that matter cannot bring a propane tank onto Boeing facilities. That includes the area where the final handoff of aircraft is made as well as facilities that are mainly offices.

    • Nuclear Mike

      Boeing’s employees are more important than the residents & visitors who come & gather in crowds to all the Downtown, Inc. events???
      Where Families in a MIC town make such a perfect target for any terrorist group set upon the killing the innocents???

      After viewing the propane explosion of the food truck in the news one can easily see how such a destructive device could be used in Downtown Huntsville sadly to great effect upon the Food Truck night street parties.

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