Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin: 96% of those who try to escape meth addiction fail

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Alarming statistics about the drug problem in Morgan County. Sheriff Ana Franklin says the overwhelming majority of meth users become addicted to the drug the very first time they use it. She says 94% of those who go through drug treatment programs for meth - fail, and never get over their addiction. She told WHNT News 19 Monday we are seeing proof of those statistics in some of the most recent arrests.

We asked Sheriff Franklin is it just us or do the meth suspects they arrest seem to be getting older? Deputies made five meth arrests over the weekend. Three of them are in their 50's including one who is 59.

"You think about the fact that you got about 4% to 6% recovery rate nationwide, for people in treatment. Now you think about the people back in the 2000's that were involved in meth, they've just grown old with the problem," Franklin says.

She says meth is a lifelong addiction for most. She says the overwhelming majority of people who just try meth one time become addicted to it. The treatment programs are up to two years long, and 96% of those who enter treatment for a meth addiction wind up going back to the drug. Franklin says people who became addicted to meth 10 or 12 years ago, if they're still alive, the vast majority are still addicted today.

"I'm hoping that maybe not as many young people are trying it, like they were before people were really educated and knew about how bad it is for them," Franklin said.

Sheriff Franklin describes the problem as an epidemic and believes only the most despondent would even think of trying it.

"It's a drug that takes you and will not let you go."

Sheriff Franklin says the treatment programs for meth are 18 to 24 months long, if you can find one, and if you can afford it. Nationwide, only 6% of those who seek treatment ever escape the drug.


  • Michael

    Maybe addicts would be more willing and try just a little harder at finding an efficient recovery program if they didn’t feel like they were going to be locked up just for asking for help. Funny how drug supplies have increased ever since Nixon declared his idiotic War on Drugs.

  • Ex Meth User

    I was an addict for over 5 years. I got pregnant and moved away from it. This, of course, was in the 90’s. I have been clean ever since. I held a job and I finished high school. I did my responsibilities. What got me to stop was my pregnancy (I have a beautiful 19 year old daughter). I was not going to do that to my child. I sold anything and everything I could to get my fix. My nose is crushed on one side from snorting it. I never used needles (scared the hell out of me) and I never traded sex for it. Meth addiction is BAD and I have seen it destroy families. It will destroy you and everything around you.

  • ISeeDumbPeople

    Meth is a drug just like the rest. You choose to put the poison in your body knowing full well what it is. Its a decision one has to make for themselves. As for being scared to get help Michael that is pretty far out there. You don’t magically get arrested for walking into even a Police station and saying, “Im addicted help me” and to say such is igonorant. Plain and simple the users and addicts are reaping the consequences of thier actions and by extension the theft and robbery victims of the addicts are suffering for the addicts poor decisons too. AMERICA LETS STOP RELEASING PEOPLE FROM THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THIER ACTIONS.

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