Guntersville City Council expected to vote on proposed change to animal control ordinance

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Monday evening the Guntersville City Council is expected to vote on a change to the existing animal control ordinance, which Guntersville Police say is aimed at making city parks safer.

Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson says recently, officers who patrol the city’s parks noticed the existing ordinance surrounding having a dog there might not be the safest for the residents.”There was an increasing instance of animals on the trail that were not on a leash,” he says.

However, having a dog that is not on a leash is permitted within city ordinance. “Right now our existing animal control ordinance is that you have to have your pet either under your control or on a leash, it’s either one,” Guntersville Mayor Leigh Dollar says.

However, Mayor Dollar says at times, the wording behind the ‘under your control’ aspect of the ordinance can be vague.”So the police have asked for a little better enforcement that in public areas people have their pet on a leash,” Mayor Dollar says.

Chief Peterson says many times there is not a problem surrounding dogs not on leashes at the parks, but he says changing the ordinance will prevent any future problems that might arise. “We did have instances where the dogs would be in or around people, other folks on the walking trail, and sometimes were acting in a harrassing manner,” he says.

If the council votes yes on this proposed change, Mayor Dollar says it would go into effect almost immediately. The meeting will take place Monday night at six o’clock.

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