Police charge Florence man with infant’s death

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Justin Mathew Green (Photo: Florence police)

FLORENCE, Ala. – Florence Police have arrested and charged a man in the August 2013 death of a 13-month-old child.

Police arrested Justin Mathew Green, 25, of Florence and charged him with Criminally Negligent Homicide as a result of an investigation into the 13-month-old’s death.

Police say an autopsy revealed ligature marks around the child’s neck. Investigators believe that a cord was wrapped around the girl’s neck, leading to her death.

Green is currently being held in the Lauderdale County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.


  • Guest

    He was home alone with the baby. Rumor has it that he says he was outside smoking and came back in and found her that way.

  • Shenoah

    $10,000 that’s all. Really? For killing an innocent baby. He doesn’t deserve a bond. He deserves a special place in hell.

  • Geo

    Ligature? So he strangled the baby to death. In any other circumstance, this would be considered MURDER in the first degree. He placed a cord around the babies throat. If that doesn’t show intent, nothing will.

    • Red

      Or, he could have just been an idiot and thought he was putting a leash on the child for some bizarre reason. We don’t know. It’s easy to second guess the courts, especially without all the same information they have.

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