Alabama’s June unemployment numbers hold steady at 6.8 percent

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Labor has released the June 2014 unemployment data. Those numbers show Alabama’s unemployment rate is flat for the month of June, however, unemployment figures are up in every north Alabama county from May.

For the second month in a row, it is holding steady at 6.8%. Here in the Tennessee Valley, Limestone County has the lowest jobless rate at 6.1%. Franklin County has the highest at 8.5%.

The national unemployment rate is 6.1%, seasonally adjusted. The unemployment rate for Alabama is 6.8%, seasonally adjusted.

Here’s the breakdown of the preliminary June 2014 numbers for north Alabama:

  • Colbert — 8.3%
  • DeKalb — 7.2%
  • Franklin — 8.5%
  • Jackson — 6.6%
  • Lauderdale — 7.4%
  • Lawrence — 8.5%
  • Limestone — 6.1%
  • Madison — 6.3%
  • Marshall — 6.7%
  • Morgan — 6.8%


  • Nuclear Mike

    Just look around Alabama…most of our young local workers have 3 or 4 jobs where they are allowed to only work 10 hours per job per week…they are struggling to just keep a car paid up, tagged, insured, fueled, “tired” and oil-changes going…this is only going to get worse for the Huntsville real estate market as the next generation cannot quality for credit nor mortgages…the evidence is in all the vacant mall spaces, restaurants, retail store closures and all the houses for rent which no one can buy…no time soon will this improve as Federal government spending in Huntsville steadily declines!!!

  • Shirley Knott

    These numbers are a lie. They fail to tell the real story of workers that no longer qualify for assistance. Those of us that are still employed and those recently unemployed all make it into the record books. The rest are “justifiable” losses and disposable. My uncle has worked his entire teen and adult life but lost his job in his early 50s, just a few years ago. He now lives with extended family when he can and has lost everything because he is not economically viable. He is one of the smartest and most capable men I have ever known but cant find work because of his age and previous earnings. I would let him live with me but I have to live with more roommates than there are rooms because 3 part time jobs (with a math degree) doesn’t pay the bills solo. These numbers are lies just like the lies that told him that if you work hard and are honest you will be successful. It seems only the lies and cheats are the successful ones anymore. The rate that our economy is dying will make more of you disposable in the future so count your blessings if you have them because it doesn’t take much to knock you off your pedestals these days.

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