27 dogs found in horrible conditions in DeKalb County; 2 men face charges

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COLLINSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Collinsville Police found 27 dogs in horrible conditions at a home on Gregory Avenue.  Five of the animals were dead, and others were near death.

"You know, I've been policing for 30 years and in my 30-year career I've never seen anything as bad as this," said Rex Leath, Collinsville's Assistant Police Chief.

Leath said his department got a call about a bad smell coming from the home.

"When we investigated we found this dog pen, actually five dog pens with dogs just, in extremely bad condition."

There were 27 dogs in all, mostly beagles and hounds.  Five of them were dead.

"We recovered several skeletal remains," Leath said.

Leath says they called DeKalb Animal Adoption Center to help with the surviving dogs.  He says he doesn't expect some of the animals to make it, but workers will try to save as many as possible and nurse them back to health.

As for the people who did this -- Assistant Chief Leath says the homeowners are not responsible.  He says they didn't have any idea the dogs were in the condition they were in, because he says the dogs were kept away from the home.

Two Collinsville men will be charged, Leath said.  Their names have not been released until their arrest warrants are complete.

"Probably around 19 charges of cruelty to animals on each one of them," said Leath.

He says the men are related to the homeowners.

Leath said when the dogs that do make it are well enough, they will be adopted out.


  • Wes

    People like tis disgust me! I would love to spend some “quality” time with them! They should suffer the same as those poor animals.

  • soldier

    hey wes that makes you no better than them. it is aweful that people do this kind of thing. and for the police to not charge the home owners by saying they did not know the conditions of the dogs is just pure hogwash. how do you not know whats going on on your own property. its b.s. is what it is.

    • Sue

      I disagree with the fact that would make him no better than them. The dogs could not get away so this non-humans took advantage. They need to know how it feels to not have food, not be free to get help and the pain the dogs went through! I cannot understand how these people could do that but they need the maximum penalty!!!

    • snshyn3

      Don’t throw Wes under the bus…for the most part that is just a figure of speech…as much as I love and support OUR MILITARY I’m sure u have said things that were just as bad…especially considering who is currently running this COUNTRY…

  • mamac

    Wes, I’m with you. As a Christian I should be like Jesus was when they killed him he still had love for them. Wow, that’s love. I should be more like that. But I’m human and the flesh really wants to do the same thing to the scum. I don’t feel sorry them. When it comes to animals kids and the elderly I have a soft spot. We are going to have to alot more tougher laws quit slapping them on the wrist..These dogs didn’t deserve this they WHERE INNOCENT …

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