Tonight at 10:00 – Homeowners complain about father & son’s shoddy workmanship

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Some local homeowners are on edge after they say a father and son team paid them a visit.

The men offer handyman services, and law enforcement say they often target seniors.

WHNT News 19 is Taking Action to warn consumers.

"They said they were in the neighborhood and saw my gutters need to be cleaned out and they would do it for $200," said Betty Smith.


Smith says her gutters are still dirty after the men did the work.

"He said we have new cleaner that we use and we spray it on and rinse it off, and wipe it down with a cloth," Smith said.

Kathy Cornutt was also paid a visit.  She says they gave her the pitch for pressure washing.

"When he told me that they wanted $16 a quart, I went into orbit," she said.

Homeowners say their concerns have to do with over-charging by hundreds of dollars, and in some cases, thousands.

And when dad and son don't get the money they demand?

"They would call the sheriff's department and have me arrested for not paying for something they had done," a homeowner told WHNT News 19.

We'll take a look at the track record of this father and son team in our Taking Action Investigation, "Like Father, Like Son" Wednesday, July 16 on WHNT News 19 at 10:00 p.m.


    • Jeanne

      For sure Mike, it’s a shame the ladies didn’t call their bluff and call the sheriff themselves. Bet those guys would have hit the road. It was obvious no work was done.

  • Jim

    I was over at my grandparents about several years ago and this guy showed up saying they were working a construction paving project and had “extra asphalt” that they could sell to make a drive way. He was talking to my grandfather and I went over and this guy was going to lay 2 inches of asphalt deep and charge by the inch…I forget the amount per inch but that was clearly a scam. I figured out how much it would be and it was going to be really expensive. I told the guy to leave. I am sure they had done this to people in the past. There are those who will prey on the elderly.

  • Jeanne

    Seniors are seen as fair game for these gypsies, I swear they must scope neighborhoods first hunting for them. The older they seem , or if widowed the bigger target they are. Please, I’m a senior too, and have had any number of odd people come to my door selling cleaning supplies, meat (supposedly left from a delivery) magazines…you name it. Don’t let these people even step inside your door, say no immediately and shut and lock your door. Don’t let them try to talk you into anything! Don’t even give them a chance. Please, if you need work done shop legitimate businesses. Check with the Better business bureau if any doubt or get reliable references from trusted sources. Just because we got older is no reason to be taken for stupid. I even immediately hang up the phone on all sales calls and those saying I won things, like security systems. Then there are the scam emails! The one from attorneys regarding a case delivers a virus. DON’T click , delete. The package delivery one? Phishing? New one supposedly from EZ Pass saying you owe money. No you don’t even if you, like me, had been in an area where you used it. For awhile there was one supposedly from a funeral home regarding a deceased friend, click for details. Don’t! Crooks coming from all quarters. Beware.

  • tim

    the target audience of these guys are older.would have been nice to had it on earlier.most of the ones that need to see it will be in bed

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