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Science & Engineering Services adding 450 jobs in Huntsville

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A panoramic picture showing one of Science and Engineering Services's Huntsville locations. (Courtesy: SES)

A panoramic picture of Science and Engineering Services’s location on Dunlop Boulevard in Huntsville. (Courtesy: SES)

(WHNT) – Governor Robert Bentley announced another economic development for the state on Tuesday.  This time, it impacts the Tennessee Valley.

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Science and Engineering Services, LLC, or SES, will be adding 450 jobs in Huntsville.

It's part of a $70 million expansion of it's manufacturing operations.  The jobs will be added over a five-year period.

The announcement was made at the Farnborough International Air Show Tuesday after a meeting with Governor Robert Bentley, SES company officials, Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield, Huntsville leaders and local economic development team members.

“The announcement of SES is great news for Huntsville and the entire state,” Governor Robert Bentley said. “We have positioned ourselves to be a leader in aerospace and aviation, and the SES expansion is further proof of that success. I appreciate the leaders at Science and Engineering Services LLC for the investment in Alabama, and I look forward to the company’s continued success in Huntsville.”

Columbia, Maryland-based SES is a leading provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and ground combat systems. Key customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and international governments.

“We are very excited about the expansion of our SES facilities and projected employment growth for Huntsville, Madison County and North Alabama,” said SES Chief Executive Officer E.J. Sinclair, who added assistance from state officials, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, the Madison County Commission, TVA, Huntsville Utilities, and the Chamber of Commerce of Huntsville/Madison County made the project possible.

“SES will continue to provide great support to our current customers but we will also be bringing in some new key programs supporting the Department of Defense, aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and foreign military customers,” Sinclair said.

The SES expansion is the latest in a string of job-creation announcements in Huntsville, which is a hotbed of aerospace, advanced manufacturing and technology companies.

“With this announcement, SES is demonstrating what we’ve been saying for quite some time now. In Huntsville, you can do your research, development, engineering and manufacturing all in the same location,” Mayor Battle said. “This systems approach is why Huntsville continues to be on the radar for companies looking to innovate and create. When you combine this announcement with the 2,000 jobs from Remington and the 300 jobs from Verizon, you are looking at an excellent year for Huntsville and all of Alabama.”


  • Nuclear Mike

    Good…but this will not come close the Army’s cutbacks that are coming…and let’s hope these jobs are more than $12/hr positions.

    • Say What

      Mike, that is right! Why doesn’t the Gov hold news conferences when jobs are lost? It would be great if he would do that and tell us what the net gain or loss is during the announcements. Oh, well — won’t happen!

  • Jeanne

    Good news indeed, but can’t help but notice how much more visible gov. Bentley is these days. Could it be …election run up time?

  • CBC

    I’m sure there will be an assortment of jobs and an appropriate range of pay based on education and experience.
    Prepare yourself for the workforce and get a good job.
    Video games, SAHM and grass cutting won’t be able to compete for more than the lowest jobs. If you want more than $12/hr start working now to get ready!

  • Choppermaniac

    These employees will try to vote in the Union within a year ,because everyone needs to be treated fairly and decently paid ! We will get the Union in so lets stick-together and work at this as a TEAM !!!!Go UNION all the WAY and make them PAY !

  • Choppermaniac

    YOU go RALPHY !!!!! YOU are THE ONE the ONE THAT has NOT a CLUE !!!! Can you spell UNION ??????

  • Christy

    The last thing anyone needs is unions trying to come into the new business opportunities and driving the cost of everything sky high.

  • Choppermaniac

    The best thing we need is fair WAGES this COMPANY makes PLENTY of MONEY but DOESN,T share IT within the COMPANY !! The WORKERS barely get by while the MANAGEMENT /EX MILITARY get RICH and draw their military benefits / insurance and all the KICK-BACKS that all the UPPER-UPS ENJOY ! The MANAGEMENT doesn’t care anything about the WORKERS ,but this will soon change as the UNION HAS BEEN CONTACTED AND WILL BE welcomed in! WE WILL GET OUR WELL DESERVED PAY OR WILL WALK !!!Management cant make ANY PROFIT/ PRODUCTS THEY JUST SPEND IT !!CHRISTY / . maybe you can get a job with us and you will see what we the employees are talking about ps you better have a good figure or you as A FEMALE EMPLOYEE WONT LAST LONG !!!

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