Rep. Mo Brooks sounds off on current immigration crisis

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) —  Tensions over the immigration crisis don’t seem to be easing up anytime soon. There have been numerous protests in parts of the country about undocumented men, women, and children coming into the U.S. The Obama administration wants Congress to act and supply funding for those illegally crossing the border. However, the president is getting strong push back from republicans like Representative Mo Brooks.

Brooks said the president needs to take responsibility, and find a cheaper solution to the problem. “It costs $500 for a one way trip airfare back to Guatemala or El Salvador or Honduras or wherever, you can solve that problem with just 25 million dollars,” said Rep. Brooks.

President Obama is asking for $3.7 billion dollars in emergency funds to deal with the current crisis. A breakdown of that plan shows a large part of it would go to caring for unaccompanied children illegally coming into the country. “That’s the equivalent of roughly two space launch system programs,” noted Brooks.

Brooks thinks the multi-billion dollar plan has the potential to hurt the Tennessee Valley. He said it could put pressure on national defense. “Thereby harming national security and impacting Tennessee Valley jobs,” he said. “It’s going to put a squeeze on NASA, again, reducing our technological advancement capabilities.”

Brooks doesn’t think the United States has the money to spend and he fears most Americans don’t realize that its money we can’t afford to pay back. He thinks it will put pressure on every other part of the federal budget. “You can fix the problem by changing the law and immediately returning these illegal alien children to their families in their home countries for roughly 25 million dollars,” he said.


  • David John Francis

    Our society is at great risk, if Obama and the Democrats get their way, drug cartels, human traffickers and dangerous criminals will flow freely through our borders and fill our neighborhoods, because he will not stem the tide with the National Guard. Prior to even Obama’s Imperial reign, borders have never been fully sealed, with the 2006 Secure Fence Act that was sabotaged by GOP former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson for some obscure reason; probably as her corporate cronies didn’t like it. Now we are suffering the consequence. Absolutely we should build 700 miles of double or even triple fences, as the massive costs would be reimbursed from not having to financially support 11 to 20 million plus illegal aliens? Think about it!

    There is no accurate way to figure the actual numbers of foreign nationals; they hide away from Census takers. Obama cannot be trusted anymore. He has no intention of securing our borders or is unlikely to enforce the border with ‘boots of the ground’. Under ARTICLE 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution: No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.


    The House Democrats are growing progressively more disturbed about GOP voice in revising the 2008 human trafficking law in a trade for approving the President $3.7 billion emergency funding appeal to address the illegal alien crisis at the Mexican/US border. Of course the Liberals have no intentions of consenting to these efforts and will fight for passage of what they call a “clean” supplement as without the amendment; as it means more Dem voters in the future years, and hundreds of thousands of early petitions for family members brought into the country, by current policies. This will accrue even more poverty, more benefits upon the already hard pressed taxpayers who will get the bill. The National Tea Party candidates would never hesitate to amend 2008 law, unlike the OLD GUARD in the establishment. Social Security is already running into trouble, along with Medicare in the future as nothing has been done for three decades to stop this roaring financial locomotive towards unsure losses in the future. Yet Obama is striving to gain headway, on bringing more poor into the country?

    He is a fraud and a liar having betrayed the American people other than those vermin who idolize him for free handouts of unrestricted food stamps. Obama is pressing for an amnesty plan that is a danger to our national security. People from the Middle East and our destruction in mind are arriving with those people from Mexico, El Salvador Honduras and Guatemala. Democrats are going to try and pass an amnesty bill while no one’s looking, at a late night session before Congress closes shop vacation time; by presidential executive order. These new waves of illegal aliens are affecting the thin line of defense on the border, straining resources and the worst is yet to come?

    That without visible signs of the military patrolling, the open areas without barriers the numbers of unknowns will accelerate. The President and his cohorts think the answer is taxing us even more, to pay for anybody who makes it across either border. Mexico is not our friend, and they will not enforce their side of the border. We are a foolish people who trust the words of our lawmakers, who do one thing and then double-cross us. We need to rid ourselves of this Liberal Progressive President, who cannot be countered for the scandals on his watch.

    People need to get off their rears and voice their anger against the most anti-American president in the history of our country. He has allowed 36,000 alcohol-abusing, drug addicted, sexual predators, Murderers and hit and run uninsured animals and other criminals to flood our streets; where our children walk.-and millions more are coming if Obama gets his way with amnesty. We just can’t let that happen or we will be living in a fear 24/7, paying taxes just to pay for the poor of the world who feed off hardworking Americans. Obama says amnesty will make our communities safer—that is a flat-out LIE! You will never read the truth in the mostly Liberal leaning newspapers. The political polls have fooled the gullible. Read some of the people’s commentary in thousands of newspapers encompassing this country and learn the truth, not the main columns of false information. Indeed, even the polls have a Liberal-elective point of view, unless you read Polls such Rasmussen Reports. Our nation is being invaded each day, but until now the truth has been hidden, unless you ask the ranchers and property owners in the Border States who suffer each day from criminal activity. If it costs a hundred billion dollars to hermetically seal the border tight, it would be well worth it in the end.

    • Jeanne

      Now that was a first class rant! Managed to cover every T party subject in several paragraphs. First of all the illegal immigrants coming across the border is many decades old. Even Reagan tried to deal with it with mixed results. One of the possible cures would be to severely punish Americans who hired these , mostly Mexican, people who crossed hunting work. But no one will really enforce any law suggesting this. No work, no illegals. Too many employers love to hire cheap labor, no wage tax, no workmanship comp., No wage and hour rules. Just hand them cash at the end of the day and they can’t even complain. I’ll admit to not being very happy with this situation either. So all this can’t be blamed on this administration that has deported more illegals than any other in the past. If Texas is so enamoured with a fence, hey go to it. They are always bragging how independent they are…until they want something., But now we have something different, refugee children from countries where they are in danger from the gangs and sex slavers. Their parents sacrifice all they have to try to save their children just like I think any good parent would do. We have a law signed by president Bush in 2008 that deals with this very thing, exploitation of children, and we have heartless people, like David, who with hatred in their heart won’t even consider having any pity for these kids. I’ll bet David goes to church every week, and when the subject of abortion comes up…right there with his sign but when it comes to living children from central America , he would throw them back into the arms of the gangs. I don’t understand how any Christian could be so hateful to helpless children. These kids are protected by Bush,s law and are entitled to this protection. Any gang members hiding among them could be sent back, the others given a chance. David’s irrational hatred of all things Obama is beyond understanding, certainly he needs some time on his knees talking to God about mercy for those less fortunate.

      • Say What

        Jeanne, that is a masterful reply!! Well done and accurate! It is great to see more voices like yours come out in this area!


    I think you are on the right track Mo. I think we should send them back where they came from. If 3 million dollars is going to be spent on them, we should take care of all the homeless & starving children in our own country. Not illegal kids. Go Mo you have my vote to do what you have to do to keep him from doing what he wants to.

  • Public School Teacher

    I believe the problem started years ago when individuals and corporations in this country wanted “good” help at slave wages. Example: farmers, high income households in need of a good “maid/nanny”, companies that were greedy and didn’t want to pay decent wages/benefits. No one whined then, so why now?

    • Nuclear Mike

      In that regard you are correct in every aspect…hence, the North, Central and South American Indian empires & governments were totally destroyed by invading illegal aliens and my Viking ancestors were among those that came to take their lands & homes.

  • Say What

    President Obama is only working within the law signed by President Bush in 2008. That law gave extra legal processes for people coming from Central American countries. Don’t blame President Obama for laws passed by Republicans. If Republicans like Mo don’t like their own laws — change them, but take responsibility for what your party passes!

    The Obama haters do to care about facts, they are just clinging to anything to express their hatred!

  • Wes

    Mr Brooks, you have my vote. Well said!! Now please do what you can in Washington, we wish you luck, our future depends on it!!

  • Say What

    Jeanne, that is a masterful reply!! Well done and accurate! It is great to see more voices like yours come out in this area!

  • Robert

    Maybe Mo and the GOP should get off their behinds and pass some legislation. Wait, wait , wait – that might disrupt, their days off, their vacation, fund raising events, free trips for them and their families, maybe delay world class medical care they are receiving (maybe congress should trade medical benefits with our vets), most of all it might take away there time to complain about Obama. All that might be delayed instead of doing their job of legislating and making laws!

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