UPDATE: Bridgeport pool closed for summer after man drowns

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BRIDGEPORT, Ala. (WHNT) – The Bridgeport city pool is closed for the rest of the summer after a man drowned this weekend.

Brideport’s mayor did not comment on the situation, saying the investigation is not complete. However, he confirmed the pool is now closed for the season.

Bert Winston, Jr. drowned Saturday afternoon while attending a church function at the pool. He was 48 years old.

Winston went in the pool during the afternoon, and it wasn’t until later that people started to notice he was missing. By the time they found him, he had drowned.

Deputies tell WHNT News 19 the investigator and coroner were sent to the Bridgeport area around 5:30 Saturday evening.

Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen confirmed no foul play was involved. The drowning seemed accidental.


    • Claire Aiello

      DBERRY, the name was not released at first. In many situations we do not get the name until authorities notify the person’s family. We added it once it was released.

      • DR Berry

        I understand that. But some reports, like auto accidents with injuries, never get updated. And I’m naturally detail oriented. Partial information frustrates me to death. Thank you for responding.

  • Jeanne

    When a public pool..or home pool for that matter..is so murky and dirty no one should be swimming. Who is responsible for water quality at that city run pool? The pool should never of been open if the water was in such poor condition, the fact that a man drowned in the pool could not be seen is almost beside the point except the fact that if the water was clear he .mght have been seen in time to save him. A tragedy on top of careless maintenance. Sad for this man’s family. We

  • Chris Swan

    We were there and criminal charges should be brought against the lifeguards for negligence. They didn’t even do a good search because the female said she didnt want to get her hair wet.and would not let us adults look for him at the bottom. One woman said she saw him go under but then a guard told her her and the rest of us he personally saw him walk out.

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