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Stolen car chase ends in Tennessee, Jackson County deputies search for the people involved

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is looking for two people they say took deputies on a car chase, using stolen cars.

"A car nearly [hit] me on Highway 71 and when I turned around to stop it, that vehicle pulled into a dead-end road and there was another vehicle following it," Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen says.

Chief Deputy Harnen says when he pulled up behind the car, it took off.

He says eventually the car came back to the same place, where the driver jumped out and got into the car that was initially following it.

Chief Deputy Harnen says that car sped away from deputies, eventually driving into Tennessee where it was lost.

"We later went back. The original car that nearly hit me was a stolen vehicle out of Georgia," Chief Deputy Harnen says, "We later found out the Mustang that fled from us was also stolen out of DeKalb County, Alabama."

Deputies aren't naming the two people, but say warrants are out for their arrests. Deputies say they will both face multiple charges.

Chief Deputy Harnen says the Sheriff's Office is also working to identify a third person they say was involved.

He says the cars were stolen in the same manner - where they were taken out for a test drive, and never returned.