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Woman taken to hospital after police chase through Albertville

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The woman's car landed in this field on Nixon Chapel Road in Marshall County. (Photo: Carson Clark/WHNT News 19)

The woman’s car landed in this field on Nixon Chapel Road in Marshall County. (Photo: Carson Clark/WHNT News 19)

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Albertville Police chased a woman through parts of the city and downtown Tuesday for nearly 30 minutes Tuesday morning. The chase finally ended when the woman’s car flipped into a field.

The chase started between 9:30 and 9:45 a.m.  Albertville Police tried to pull her over in the city limits, but she took off, according to Assistant Police Chief Jamie Smith.  They chased her, and did a loop through downtown.

The woman continued driving out of town, and officers tried to do a maneuver to stop her, but it didn’t work — one of the patrol cars was damaged.  She kept going and ended up on Nixon Chapel Road, where she lost control in a curve and flipped several times, landing in a field shortly after 10 a.m.

The woman was alert and talking after the accident.  She was taken to Marshall Medical Center South for treatment.

Police say they’re still not sure why the woman wouldn’t pull over in the first place.  They are investigating further.


  • William Lowry Jr

    Handed APD a drunk that was all over the road behind me that had just went through a ditch on the opposite side of the road at a high rate of speed at Oneonta Cutoff and Hghpoint road.I pulled up to the store where one officer had a drunk in custody and another officer was standing there doing nothing as the threat was over with. I pointed at the vehicle and told them he was drunk he said yeah he is and shrugged it off.I guess he was too preoccupied with himself to go after the drunk.I was not happy at all,talk about not wanting to do their job.

  • Boo

    ppl like u are really stupid. Re read what u wrote . They had one person in custody and how do u know the treat was over with ?????? How do u know that maybe when they are detaining someone there has to be two officer there um just case this guy pulls out a gun shoot the officer ?????? You knew all this pulling up to the gas station that u maybe assume that it all look ok ????? We all know what the old saying goes when u assume .

  • Boo

    everybody so against the law oh until they need them . I learned the hard way i was a drunk and drug addict years ago and put of a pretty good fight when being detained i could be calm one min and they say something and i would go completely off. So till they had him back at the police station I wouldn’t say the treat was over . I hated cops but of course I was in a bad point of my life and they where only trying to help me from other and my self .I now know what they had to deal with everyday and leave there house not knowing if they will come home that night in case u havent seen all the shooting in Huntsville yes not cops but cray ppl just shooting ppl they have to risk there life everyday . So again before u judge a situation that u have no idea about try to set back and think of what they deal with everyday oh and to mention that they don’t make a whole lot of money …………………

      • Vivianne

        Exactly what I was thinking Michael! I know there are good police and bad police, just like with any job. However, it seems like everytime there is a car chase that it is always APD and that goes back at least ten years. That could just be a coincidence IDK.

  • kim

    That sounds familiar!! They really need to be a better law for high speed chases! At least Albertville PD Didn’t cause anyone else to get hurt!! Last time I remember a chase through downtown I was on the wrong end and got hit head on with my six month old daughter I the car!! If APD lives one thing its a high speed chase that’s for sure!!

  • Karinttt

    If they run, they chase. That’s a simple rule. However, some chases are too dangerous and have to be cut off. This woman was obviously going at a high rate of speed. Look how far out in the field her car flipped. If she’s not going to slow down… what’s to say she won’t “kill” someone by hitting them head on? To say they “love” a high speed chase isn’t placing the where the blame should be. You’re merely generalizing and blaming the police for the actions of the criminal. The driver who runs, drives erratically or at high speeds and refuses to pull over, there’s the real criminal and danger. Every day time you get in your car and drive, you are putting your life at risk because accidents do happen. But a crazy person driving a car at high speeds and erratically because the police won’t give chase is worse. And, if they don’t give chase… then every criminal and miscreant will know all they have to do is speed up to ridiculous and the police will back off. How will that serve the community then? It’ll end up being a war zone as everyone attempts to get out of a ticket!! Even more lives will be lost.

  • sarah

    I work in downtown Albertville and I actually saw this woman speed by right outside our business doors at a very busy intersection through a red light and she nearly hit the car she was swerving around. I would much rather her flip her car into a field on a back road than to have her hit that car at the rate of speed she was going when I saw her.

  • Eric

    Here is an idea…Why not make it a felony or even a misdemeanor with REAL mandatory jail time to run from the police? Alabama law reflects a scale that gets more and more harsh as you involve danger to persons. If folks really knew they would be staying in jail for 6 months or longer, with NO EXCEPTIONS, they would be more apt to pull over and deal with whatever might have, otherwise, caused them to run.

    Lets face it, 6 months of actual jail time is more then you would receive from most felony convictions.
    The police do a job, they are paid to stop crime, in part, by arresting bad guys…if they don’t chase the ones that run how effectively can they do their job?

    • david

      Umm! It’s a class A misdemeanor for attempting to elude or flight as it is now called. Along with attempting to elude if you kill someone or injure them during the process of eluding it will then become a class C felony. Criminal code at 13A-10-50. I’m not a lawyer but the law is already there, I’m just not sure if they actually make them go to jail but there is jail time involved with those charges and I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory. the point is, if you are going to elude the cops your not thinking of the consequences you’re planning your next move.

  • Bauer

    Section 13A-10-52

    Fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement officer.

    (a) It shall be unlawful for a person to intentionally flee by any means from anyone the person knows to be a law enforcement officer if the person knows the officer is attempting to arrest the person.

    (b) It shall be unlawful for a person while operating a motor vehicle on a street, road, alley, or highway in this state, to intentionally flee or attempt to elude a law enforcement officer after having received a signal from the officer to bring the vehicle to a stop.

    (c) A violation of subsection (a) or (b) is a Class A misdemeanor unless the flight or attempt to elude causes an actual death or physical injury to innocent bystanders or third parties, in which case the violation shall be a Class C felony. In addition, the court shall order the suspension of the driver’s license of the defendant for a period of not less than six months nor more than two years.

    Unfortuantely, there is no mandatory sentence.

    • Eric

      Right…there isn’t but there should be. I will say this David, some won’t…some will run anyway. The unfortunate truth is most folks who run are either running because they have drugs or warrants. Neither of those two things (even felony drug counts) are going to land a person in jail for more than a few hours (until they make bond in most cases) within months or years of the actual offense.
      I firmly believe that some would just stop and take the new charge or arrest knowing the way the system works (broken). A C felony (most common drug offenses) will get you way less than 6 months in real time.

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