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Madison County Man Arrested Again on Child Pornography Charge

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Jeffrey Lee Parker

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Madison County man is in jail again on a child pornography charge.

Jeffrey Lee Parker is facing another charge of Possession of Child Pornography. He was booked into the Madison County Jail just after 10:30 Tuesday morning. This is his second arrest within a week.

Parker is being held on a $30,000 bond.


  • Karinttt

    Looks like he’s got a “critter” on his head. Talk about advertising that you have a low IQ…. this is an animal. He needs to be penned up for life to protect the community. He’s totally without soul. If they “eye” offend ye, cut it out.”

    • Christopher

      The last time it was green. Perhaps he is a member of the hair color of the month club.

  • L

    It sounds like no one commenting knows Lee. He has had an abusive childhood that’s led him to an unfortunate addiction. He has never and would never harm or pursue a child. He does, however, look at media that is very similar to the traumatic experiences he has had. He needs professional help. Everyone has their problems, some are just looked down upon more than others. I really hope he finds the help he needs and straightens up. He is a good friend and I will do whatever I can to push him in the right direction.

  • Lucas

    Thank you L. people are so quick to judge others out of spite and hate. I know Lee and I know he would never harm a child. If you got the chance to meet him you would find that he is a very nice, caring, and thoughtful individual. I too am aware of his past and his abuse. and think about it it could of been a lot worse! and for you people making these rude comments about my friend remember this ” HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, MAY CAST THE FIRST STONE” and please in the future before you make nasty comments about someone’s love one think about it and put yourself in that position if you found out that you’re loved one was faced with such a charge. but then i know any of you people don’t care. people who leave such horrible comments are cold, heartless and selfish people. who only truly care about themselves, and yes i understand this is about child pornography, do i like it, no, but i love my riend and he is getting help with it.. so to end this comment i want to the hateful people out there… you will all find your judgment in Hell thank you

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