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Lawrence County Tries to Find Solution to Animal Problem

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Animal control has been a hot topic in Lawrence County for months.  Residents say the county has been overrun by animals.

For many residents, like Bobbie Taylor, all they want to do is help find a solution and help the county.

"I don't know their finances. But I do think that state laws of Alabama should be enforced. I think they should find the funds and set aside the funds to enforce the laws that are on the books,” said Taylor.

Taylor has helped shelter dogs and cats for months now.  She says the county pays her but it's not much.

Some people say animal control has been anything but under control. There’s only one animal control officer to cover the entire county and after Tuesday’s commission meeting, he has a new rule to follow.

"He just can't come up and pick up a dog if that dog belongs to a citizen. He can only pick up stray dogs and cats,” said Commissioner Moses Jones Junior.

Jones says this is just part of the county's solution. Another part of that solution is building an animal shelter after they review the budget.

Taylor hopes that becomes a reality.

"I think Lawrence County citizens need to be aware of what's going on and get involved and seeing that we get a good shelter built,” said Taylor.

The commission will review its annual budget in October.


  • mamac

    I think that there is going to have to be a law for a family or a single person have a limit on animals. For example if it’s just a family wanting a pet like one maybe two dogs or one cat one dog. But regardless whatever the animal or animals are they need to be Spy/Neuter …But if it’s a farmer well then they are exempt cause they have to have animals cows, goats, ect…But All these dogs and cats are getting out of hand. And the animals don’t deserve being in a shelter.My brother got a Jack Russel/ Winnie mix from the pound and that dog is smart and so loving best dog ever. Even knows how to play hide and seek with the kids. But all the animals deserves to be loved not “caged” There is all the puppy mills and breeders that all they are in it for is money. I want buy another dog from a breeder. I will go to the pound. Someone dropped a dog out at my house and now we have fell in love with him and he is smart and so loving and the biggest baby ever.Wants to be held when he sleeps..But all these animals needs someone to love them and give them a good home…

  • Nuclear Mike

    Farmers, ranchers and concerned citizens are killing off the dogs & cats as these animals become feral and a risk to livestock, game animals, our children & ourselves. This is the only solution when the local government is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of these feral animals when people cannot or will not ensure their pets are under control, properly vaccinated and prevented from reproducing in the wild. I had a pack of what appeared to be four feral German shepherds come at me at the boat launch area on the river where these wild dogs became menacing & growling threatening to attack me as a group. There were no collars on these dogs. I dispatched 3 of the 4 quickly in order to prevent their attack upon me. It was a very scary situation and had I had children with me it would have been a possible disaster for them.

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