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Death Of Beloved Pet May Have Prompted Murder-Suicide

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - More tragic details emerging in the case of a murder-suicide in Athens last week. Sources tell WHNT News 19 the death of a beloved family pet may have been what triggered 73-year-old May Hu and her 39-year-old son Robin to agree on a suicide pact.

Friends of May and Robin Hu tell us they believe a number of factors led to their deaths last week. Robin suffered from diabetes and was on dialysis. His health was described as very poor. May reportedly told friends, who asked not to be identified for this story, that were it not for her son and her cat, she would have nothing to live for. We're told the cat got sick and died just days before the murder suicide.

Athens Police Chief Floyd Johnson declines to discuss the suicide note, and says everything else is speculation.

"I don't know what May's state was when she died, but I do know that she did not shoot herself. Evidence on the scene reflects that she did not shoot herself. The evidence reflects that he shot her and then shot himself," Chief Johnson said. He stopped short of calling their deaths a suicide pact.

"Well you could call it that if you want to. I think she was very comfortable and that she wanted to die also," said Johnson.

Limestone Chapel Funeral Home says no services are planned for May or Robin Hu. Their remains were to be cremated and a memorial service will be held in the near future.


  • Karinttt

    Sometimes people lives such horrible lives. A pet can be so loved that it just adds to the list of things about life that are not good. I’m so sorry about this happening, but I do understand. If I was in their circumstances and my little dog died, I don’t know if I could live thru the grief or would I want to. Your outlook is totally different when you’re older and near to death, and being handicapped (he seems to have had horrific discomfort) and stuck at home in a boring life and in ill health generally….you just gotta think sometimes, what’s the point? May God rest their souls and give them the peace the so deserve.

  • squeegirl91

    I think it’s important for everyone to know that this suicide wasn’t just because of the cat. The cat was their breaking point. Robin was stuck at home all the time and always felt awful, and Mrs. May was very stressed over her child’s health which was just like her husband’s. The cat passing away pushed them over the edge, not to it.

  • kld

    These were really good people whose lives were turned upside down by illness and despair. If only they could’ve gotten help. It’s often so difficult to get help and support in this kind of situation. I know because my life was turned upside down by illness, and while I was in the hospital for two months, I repeatedly asked to be visited by a mental health professional but no one ever came, even when I asked my case manager to help. It was a travesty that my fears and emotions weren’t taken seriously at all. After I could do so on my own, I finally got help, but not before I developed PTSD symptoms. I’m in therapy now and it is helping a great deal.

  • The Dauphine of Opium

    I’ve known May as an acquaintance for a number of years. My family regularly patronizes the business for which she worked.
    She is such a precious person; a truly gentle soul. I am so very sorry that her private life was so difficult, and obviously overwhelming. What a tragic end to their lives. My family extends our heartfelt condolences to May and Robin’s loved ones.

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