Typo lets convicted batterer out of prison early in New Orleans

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Photo Courtesy: WWL-TV

New Orleans, Lou. (WWL-TV) –  A typo leads to the release of a New Orleans inmate. The man served just three months of his 33 month sentence.

WWL-TV reports 30-year-old Isiah Spencer admitted to beating his ex-girlfriend so badly that she had to have her spleen removed was mistakenly released from jail because of a typo in the court record.

It’s the second time in a week that an inmate has been released from Orleans Parish Prison in error.

Spencer was released from Orleans Parish Prison last Friday, less than a week after pleading guilty to 2nd Degree battery and false imprisonment.

Court records show the minute clerk for Section K of Orleans Parish Criminal Court entered Spencer’s sentence as three months at Orleans Parish Prison, instead of the 33 months indicated in his guilty plea.

Judge Arthur Hunter’s signature is also included on the paperwork, but he did not return a call seeking comment Thursday.

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  • Michael

    Louisiana incarcerates at the highest rate in the WORLD. One of these mistakes was bound to happen just by probability.

  • Michelle

    Yes well let’s just hope there is a lack of concern or need to be correct when his ex girlfriend shoots him when he shows up to finish what he started. If the prison system can make this kind of mistake than there shouldn’t even be a trial when she kills him.

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