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Hair from the Heart: A teen’s mission

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  A 13-year-old girl is on a mission to collect hair. It's her way of dealing with her mother's battle with cancer.

It's a moment in time captured in photographs -- the day a 13-year-old girl gave up something she loved, for someone she loved more.

It's the story of a daughter's love for her mother.

Kayla Thompson of Madison County is watching her mother Brandy Thompson struggle through her second battle with colon cancer.

The first time for Brandy, the cancer was in stage four. She beat it, then it came back and Brandy started battling again -- stage four colon cancer.

Right now, Brandy is in remission, but there's no guarantee it will last.

Meanwhile, Kayla, unable to control anything about her mother's prognosis, found something she could control and cut it off to make a statement to her mother.

She had 12 inches of her hair snipped off to be sent off to Pantene to make a wig for someone who may have lost their hair in a battle with cancer.

 Kayla Before Hair Donation Photo: Brandy Thompson

Kayla Before Hair Donation
Photo: Brandy Thompson

Kayla didn't stop there.

She challenged others to do the same and give up something they love for the people in the world who they love more.

She called it Hair from the Heart, and it worked.

Kayla's mission is captured in photographs that tell a story of how Kayla Thompson and her mom are a cut above cancer.

Dee Woodard, a stylist at Jackson Way Salon in five points, did the haircuts, took the pictures, and shared them with WHNT News 19.

At the end of the day, several people had donated 34 inches of hair to be sent to Pantene.

Kayla hopes to do this again next year and collect even more.