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Hundreds enjoy the 32nd annual Sand Mountain Potato Festival

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HENAGAR, Ala. (WHNT) The Sand Mountain Potato Festival is celebrating its 32nd year.

If you ever come to the festival, expect to take your time.

Hundreds came to Henagar Friday to do just that.

One lady has been enjoying the festival for years, and Friday, had a job that allowed her to share a bit of conversation with many of those visitors.

Meet Chris Murdock.  Friday she sat in the middle of the activity and welcomed visitors as they walked by. “I love to say ‘Where are you from?’,” Murdock says.

The answers she gets range from Alabama and Auburn fans to people who cheer for teams with different colors.

“This morning I had one boy say ‘oh from Oak Ridge’,” Murdock says, “So he was from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. So I have no idea where all these people are from but they do come from a long distance.”

She’ll spend her day sitting in the shade, welcoming each and every person to Henagar and the festival with a booklet boasting what the festival and city has to offer.

Murdock is handing out those booklets for the Flowering Dogwood Garden Club. “The garden club started the first potato festival 32 years ago, so they were the first ones to do it,” Murdock says.

Since then the festival has grown, but has stayed in the small community of Henagar.

That’s something its residents are proud of, with Murdock as no exception.

As the hundreds of visitors mull around the park, Murdock will stay right where she is, asking the same question, and making sure every visitor is welcome to the festival and her hometown.

She says while she’s not walking around the park looking at what the festival has to offer, she’s having fun, anyway.

“I enjoy it,” Murdock says.

The festival is held annually at the city’s park, and offers food, drinks, live entertainment and a fireworks show.