Ronnie Blair & Matt Massey talk about the issues ahead of Superintendent runoff

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(WHNT) – Both candidates for Madison County Superintendent sat down with WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson for an interview ahead of the Republican runoff, set for July 15.

Matt Massey took a commanding lead as the votes rolled in for the primary election, but he didn’t quite snag the 50% plus one vote needed to win the seat at the central office. Ronnie Blair and incumbent superintendent David Copeland split the vote, with Blair edging ahead 28% to Copeland’s 22%.

“This process has been great for Madison County Schools to talk about some things that needed to be on the table,” said Massey.

Blair was not the leader of the race, but is encouraged as he prepares for the runoff.

“Naturally, when you enter into a race or any race like this, you want to win. But, if you can’t win, you surely want to be in a runoff and that’s what the numbers look like for us right now,” said Blair.

Watch the interviews with the two candidates below.






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