Hwy. 67 near Brewer back open after fiery accident involving 18-wheeler

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Part of Highway 67 in Morgan County was blocked for more than eight hours Thursday due to an accident involving an 18-wheeler and a pickup truck.

It happened around 6:30 a.m. Thursday at the intersection of Highway 67 and Hoyt Henry Road near Brewer High School.  We understand an 18-wheeler was headed north on 67 and collided with a Ford F-150.

Thursday afternoon, traffic was still being re-routed around the scene where crews worked to clean up a fuel leak and remove the burned out wreckage.

It was reopened late Thursday afternoon.

Witness account

Sabina Smith lives right near the spot where it happened and says she heard three explosions after the collision.  Smith said the cab of the truck exploded, and the side of the trailer melted.

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Both drivers got out of the vehicles safely before the explosions, though.  The tractor trailer was hauling feed.

One tow truck worker hurt his arm when a cable snapped, as they were trying to pull the truck out, but he will be okay.

State Troopers are investigating further.


  • Chris

    18 Wheelers ALWAYS going too fast! What the rednecks fail to comprehend is that when they crash the results are far greater than any car, truck or SUV going twice the speed. Laws need to be changed for big rigs to five miles slower than posted speed, and huge fines/loss of license for breaking the law.

  • Whats Left

    I am so tired of seeing people blame truckers for accidents…do you not realize that when these jerks pull out in front of commercial vehicles weighing 36 tons, are not able to stop as quickly as a car? Yet you have these idiots that don’t want to be behind a truck so they put everyone at risk and pull out in front of the trucks and then slow down to make a turn… stupid is as stupid does…but what’s not fair is that most every trucker involved in any kind of accident is held accountable for it.. even if it is the other drivers fault, the trucker is still held accountable. Today’s drivers put the professionals at a much higher risk even more risk than small town police officers. Where are the tickets/loss of license for these idiots that cause the accidents but because it was a semi.. its their fault.. I live in Florida and see idiots doing 85 plus on the highway where its posted 70…

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