Huntsville officer wounded in deadly standoff files lawsuit against gunman’s estate

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A Huntsville police officer who was shot in the line of duty has filed a lawsuit against the estate of the gunman who injured him.

Officer Jason Moore was shot while responding to a domestic incident on Stanford Drive in April. He was hit with a shotgun blast, with pellets hitting his face. Moore had surgery Huntsville Hospital to treat his wounds.

Witnesses reported hearing dozens of rapid-fire gunshots as the standoff unfolded.  WHNT News 19′s Daniela Perallon talked with one neighbor, Brittany Nichols, who was told it wasn’t safe to leave her home.

The man accused of shooting Moore and at other officers, William Arthur Stogner, Jr., 52, was killed by police after a two-hour standoff.

The lawsuit filed against Stogner's estate says Moore had injuries to his head, face and torso, has incurred medical bills, suffered permanent scarring, lost time from work and has suffered pain and mental anguish.

The lawsuit seeks punitive and compensatory damages against Stogner's estate, in addition to seeking damages against unnamed defendants to determine if there was any "negligent entrustment" in providing Stogner with firearms.


  • B

    I disagree with this, the officer knows what his job is and knows the dangers…. He agreed to that when he took the job. Does he not have insurance through the city, county, state, however that works (I would think the city)?
    But my point is, is that this is just going to hurt the criminals innocent family. He is dead, your not hurting him.
    This is the same shooting that most would consider very dangerous to innocent bystanders, one of which videod the incident. There were over 35 or so rounds fired at the suspect, most came from assault rifles. Anyone who knows anything about those rifles knows that a bullet like a .223 can be very deadly at a LONG distance so a ricochet could easily kill somone several hundred yards away.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate the officer was shot! It’s awful and the suspect paid the price. Now why should his family be hurt even more?

    • nuclear mike

      As a accepted risk of the providing law enforcement for the Citizens of the City, the City should be financially responsible for any & all injuries on the job to their employees with proper insurance and 100% coverage for all costs beyond worker’s compensation benefits. The recovery of any restitution should be the job of the City Attorney.

      Btw, come by the decreased Mr. Stogner’s house to observe the damage that 225 rounds of gunfire will do to a structure, not counting all the other damage done to neighbor’s houses & cars now repaired. The Neighborhood was fortunate to not have more casualties or fatalities as well as the responding law enforcement people.

    • Michael

      People rarely win lawsuits against the police. What are you talking about? Both ways? The other guy is dead, what more do you want?

  • tim

    Hope he wins…. To many officers getting shot. More officers should sue these dirtbags that try to kill them even if there dead they could be worth money to pay for medical bill ect….

    • Michael

      You have any data to back that up? You know how many officers were killed by gunfire in 2013? Out of the approximately 800,000 LEOs on patrol? The National LEO Memorial Fund says 31. Thirty-freakin-one. You and I have a better chance of wrecking and dying on the way to work each morning than an officer does being killed by gunfire in his entire career.

      Oh, and the guy that tried to kill the officer is dead. The officer is suing the estate.

  • Michael

    While I wish this officer a speedy recovery, this lawsuit should be dismissed. By becoming a cop, one accepts the risks involved especially when it comes to dealing with a gunman. William Stogner is dead, the blame shouldn’t be placed anywhere but to his rotting carcass.

  • Sheep Dog

    B it must be nice to decide who is deserving and who is not. How about we let a jury or judge decide if Ofc. Moore is deserving. Do you know what his financial situation is because of his on duty injury? Did you know that he lost a lot of money because he was not able to work his part time jobs? Did you know that a lot of local law enforcement work off duty jobs to help support their families and to try to save for their future? Ofc. Moore performed gallantly after being shot in the face. He was still able to engage the Offender as he continued to fire at other Officers. Did you know that another Officer was pinned behind a tree in the Offenders front yard as he was being shot at by the Offender? That Officer performed courageously as well. He fought back and kept the Offender occupied until his Brothers and Sisters joined the Fight! Since you were not there and I was, I can assure you that all the Officers and Deputies that responded acted heroically in putting themselves in the Line of FIRE to protect each other and the community they serve. They had good fire control and only shot at the threat. There is a reason only the Offender was hit by Police rounds and that is because of true professionalism exhibited by HPD. I say that it is about time that law enforcement start suing Criminals when they try to hurt or kill Officers when they are performing their duty. Let’s go after their assets and send a message. Oh and “B”, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you next time a shoot out happens to see if you show up to help. I have a feeling that you’ll be one of those idiots who pulls out his camera phone to video it instead of helping out. That’s if you don’t piss yourself instead!!!!

  • Sheep Dog

    So Michael and B believe that Ofc. Moore should not have the ability to seek recourse in the court system through punitive civil damages. That when he was sworn in as an Officer he gave up his rights as a citizen to seek compensation from those that would act in a reckless manner towards him that cost him financially. Did you know that Off. Moore lost wages from the part time jobs that he works or could have worked, because he was on light duty because he WAS SHOT IN THE FACE! Did you know that a lot of Officers and Deputies work part time jobs while off duty in order to provide for their families? That’s usually on top of the regular hours and overtime that they have to work. We don’t complain about it because we didn’t sign up to do this job for the money, just to make enough to provide for our families and save for the future. Ofc. Moore performed gallantly that night by returning fire after being shot in the face. His Brothers and Sisters were able to engage Stogner at great risks to themselves. As for the amount of ammunition used and the calibre of weapons used I want to know from “B” what he thinks the Officers should have used and how much they should have fired? Because I was there that night and I don’t remember seeing him there during the shooting. I don’t remember him covering the Officer who was pinned behind the tree in front of Stogner’s house as he shot at him with a high powered rifle while taunting him. HPD did a great job that night handling a volatile situation with only Stogner being hit by their rounds and no innocent civilians being injured by HPD gunfire. That speaks volumes on good weapons control and fire discipline.

    • Michael

      I didn’t say he couldn’t SEEK it. I’m saying, IMO, he shouldn’t receive it by taking estate that now belongs to someone else who had nothing to do with the situation. By the way, whatever happened to Wounded Blue, Inc.? There’s a link to a story at the bottom of the page saying they were more than ready to assist Officer Moore. Is that not enough?

  • Sheep Dog

    As to the statistics given by Michael I am sure that those family members, friends and coworkers of the 31 Officers killed in 2013 that he cited would think that the number was to high. By the way Michael gun fire related deaths by Officers are up 35% this year so far. I’ve lost two fellow Officers since I have been sworn and I’ve been to to many funerals. I’m sure that their families would feel that the loss they incurred was massive. I’ll remember Michael sleeping in his cozy bed when I am going to a person with a gun call and just think it’s okay Michael said that I have a good chance of making it home at the end of the shift. No I think I’ll rely on my training and experience, and train for the fight that is always right around the corner. Stay safe Brothers and Sisters!

    • Michael

      Those statistics weren’t given by me. They were given by people of your own profession. Look, your profession is the safest it’s been in 137 years. That should give you comfort. Because 2013 was so low I wouldn’t doubt officer deaths are up, it’s not because we’ve all of a sudden had a jump in the number of cop killers. Your job has become so safe now that it isn’t even one of the Top 10 most dangerous jobs in this country anymore as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

      So far, we’re on track for 50 officer deaths this by gunfire. That’s still only approximately 0.006% of the entire country’s police force on the streets. By the way, this number for gunfire deaths likely includes friendly fire and suicidal deaths as well. Sorry, but I’m not going to let you sit there and mislead the public you’ve sworn to protect with you’re 35% number. I’m sure you’ve been to your share of funerals and I can sympathize with that. The truth is that the majority of officer deaths come from vehicular incidents, usually either officers driving fast on the way to a call or being hit while serving a traffic stop.

      To close, yes, I’ll sleep comfortably in my bed for now. But I’ll know that there’s a greater chance a SWAT team or some other paramilitary police operation is going to break down by door, ransack my home, and threaten my life with shotguns and assault rifles based on faulty information than it will by a killer who just wants to kill me for whatever reason. But I appreciate the dialogue, most people on here just have comments deleted if they do anything short of wholeheartedly taking the side of police just because.

  • Rodney Baker

    Your an idiot… I hope you have not fathered any children to pass along your hatered / ignorance of the Police. It very obvious that you disagree with this. It’s also obvious to me that you have never been in a fight in your life. Please go play your video games or attend your ACLU meetings. One last thought, you could move out of this area. If you decided to get Sassy, just tell me you wanna meet somewhere to discuss this further. Have a nice life.

    • B

      Are you asking him to arrange a fight with you? How old are you? Lol I haven’t heard such talk since high school!

      I’m not downing the officers in anyway, nor am I saying Moore didn’t do the right thing that night, and he probably did save the lives of other officers.
      I’m simply saying, this mans family probably own the house now. They have already lost their loved one, which IMO is a lot better than him sitting in a prison and our taxes feeding him and housing him the rest of his life. Sorry if that sounds mean, but he shot to kill and Moore survived and I thank god for that!
      I just feel like this will hurt innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with this mans actions that night, and I don’t think that’s the right thing to do. I’m not going to pretend I’m an officer and know all about it like some people may. But I have some very close friends in law enforcement, one being my college roommate. He knows what the risk of his job are, and knew them when he took the job that he LOVES and yes, I think we all know that police officers, fireman, EMT’s, etc do not get paid enough for what they do!
      I do not know Moores financial situation, and it’s none of any ours business to know, that’s not even pertinent to any of this. All we know is he does not get paid enough for what he has to put up with.
      Very thankful he is ok! As far as any losses from missing work, medical bills, etc that should be covered by the city, not the family who has already lost a loved one.

      Just to be clear, as I already said, this is simply my opinion a judge will make the decision. That’s not my job or any of yals job either. I have the right to express my opinion just as much as anyone else on here and I’m sorry you disagree.

    • Michael

      Bloody mother of Hades, where do I start? First off, if you’re going to criticize the intelligence of someone you might want to make sure you’re using the correct “you’re” and not “your an idiot.” Also might want to learn how to spell hatred. Oh, and “decided” is past tense and not future tense.

      Now then, back to the case at hand. Stogner is dead. His estate should rightfully belong to his nearest family members that had nothing to do with him shooting Officer Moore. If believing innocent people should be able to keep their rightfully owned estate makes me a cop hater, well, I guess I’m a cop hater then. So be it. They already lost a family member and their name is forever tarnished because of William’s last act on Earth. Now we’re just going to force them to hand over their estate as well?

      I’m sensitive to Officer Moore and his family being short on income and what they need to see that he makes a full recovery. So let me throw this bone out there. If police departments across the country didn’t blow so much money on their tanks, APCs, military assault rifles, military shotguns, grenade launchers, battlefield garb, and other equipment that were designed for use on foreign soil against armed soldiers and terrorists then maybe, just maybe, would they have the funds to take care of their own when they do get seriously injured on the job?

  • Bill

    Michael said nothing about our police officers’ commitment to duty, expertise, and doing the job for the betterment of our society. I admire our men (and women) in blue. Ofc Moore deserves to be fully compensated and I pray that he will. He and his team performed valiently and took this depraved man down. Every HPD officer deserves commendation and compensation and I am proud of the way my tax dollars are being spent when it comes to paying our officers. They deserve more. But that’s not the point Michael is making. The point is that going after the dead criminals family may not be the best way to handle this. There are other viable means of getting Ofc Moore and the other officers what they deserve. The criminal is dead, and his famly probably had no idea (and certainly no control) over his behavior. It’s like going after the innocent when you can’t go after the guilty. It is misplaced anger.

  • brounmk

    Bill, from what I’ve heard of Officer Moore, he is not an angry vindictive person. It may just be a lawyer got in touch with him.

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