Tonight at 10: Local mom believes sunscreen burned baby

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - Experts recommend using sunscreen on babies, to protect them from the sun's harmful rays. One area mother though, believes the sunscreen she thought would keep her daughter safe, burned the baby instead.

Thursday at 10:00 p.m., WHNT News 19 brings you a Taking Action investigation.

You'll hear what Amber Reece thinks happened to her 11-month-old daughter, Sydney. "She got burned by something that was supposed to be safe for babies," Reece told WHNT News 19.

We'll also talk with a doctor. Does she think it was a reaction to the sunscreen? Or perhaps something else?

You'll hear from the maker of the sunscreen in question, what the company said about its safety and what we found regarding product recalls.

We'll also offer tips for parents, to keep something like what Sydney Reece experienced, from happening to your own child.

Watch WHNT News 19's special report "The Burn" on Thursday, July 3rd at 10:00 p.m.


  • Alice

    What… did she only put the sunscreen on that small area on her face? It would make sense to me that if the sunscreen were to blame, the redness would be ALL OVER where it was applied.
    I would say this case appears to be an allergic reaction… which is noone’s fault, its just one of those things. My daughter used Coppertone Sport in the blue bottle and broke out in huge welps all over her body, so we just avoid that one; while other sunscreens are fine. However, when my daughter did break out and have huge welps… I did not contact the media either. Is she trying to get a lawsuit or something…because that would be a bit over-the-top.

  • Lisa

    When both my girls were little we were camping and used Coppertone. I applied ever 45 minutes because both my girls are light complected and burn easily. This was the first and only time I used Coppertone. My daughters were submerged in water most of the day except their faces. Both were burned. Looked a whole lot like this little girl. My oldest daughters was the worse. She had second degree burns on her face. The doctor said he believed the sunscreen caused a chemical burn. We didn’t report it just do not use Coppertone or anything comparable. My son wore it once by mistake at a friends and he also had bad burns and not just on the face. We use Banana boat. It is wonderful. Its almost like it accelerated the burning. I want to hear this full report.

  • Mitchell

    I saw her original post on Facebook. I believe she said it was the Water Babies tube that rubs on like Chapstick and that she only applied it to her nose and cheeks. I am curious to hear more details on this as well.

    • Red

      Seems more likely that this is an alergic reaction. But look at that sweet little face!! Poor little baby.

  • Chelsea

    The mother even posted on her facebook that the doctor said it was an allergic reaction. We cant get all crazy every time out kids have problems with soap and daily stuff. You move on and find something new that doesnt cause the same problem.

  • Thank god I get my news from AP

    If this was truly as serious as they are trying to make it seem why would they wait till the ten o’clock news to tell us what it was specifically that caused it so everyone could be sure to not use it, so it can’t be something too dangerous.

    Way to go WHNT fear mongering to the simple and stupid to get ratings. Way to keep the media honest, and professional.

  • Steven Taylor

    First of all, baby under 2 years old should never be exposed to direct sunlight for over 15 min. at a time. Mom’s need to protect there baby’s not fry them in the hot sun.

  • Amy Abernathy

    This happened to my boy when he was 5. I used copper tone water babies and he got 2 nd degree burns on his back and shoulders. I haven’t used that stuff since and he has been fine
    He is 14 now.

  • Sachiko Basden

    I used Coppertone recently, the kind with “cool zone” technology. It caused severe burns and did the same on my daughter, who used it the same time as I did. We did not have reactions on our faces, because I used a Neutrogena sunscreen just for faces. In our case, it was the new additive that caused the severe burns

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