Target asks customers to leave guns at home

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Target is asking its customers to not bring firearms into its stores, even where it is allowed by law.

In a statement on the retailer’s corporate blog, interim CEO John Mulligan said that Target wants a “safe and inviting” atmosphere for its shoppers and employees.

“Bringing firearms to Target creates an environment that is at odds with the family-friendly shopping and work experience we strive to create,” he said.

Target Corp. made the announcement after questions arose in recent weeks about its policy on the “open carry” of firearms in its stores.



  • Harry Martin

    Maybe they will post signs at the entrances that say, ” There are no guns in this store.” Then, they would be robbed for sure! Gun owners, Target is telling all of us something!

  • nuclear mike

    Dear Target, your corporate boys made their choice, we make ours…Target which has been in a decline for many years now will experience a further drop in sales as choosing to not abide by State Laws due to Federal pressure being applied by the Obama White HOuse.

    • nuclear mike

      ..and btw, our wives & women have been made very uncomfortable several times during day & night when shopping by themselves in the Huntsville Target parking lot and had begun their conceal carry for their peace of mind and safety. Now they will not be returning ever to Target again.

      • Red

        If this is true, then your wives and “women” are scared by the constant propaganda spewed by you and folks like you. Personally, it makes me VERY happy to think that this decision of Targets will keep folks like you OUT of the store, especially while I am in there.

      • Jeanne

        Mike, your wife feels threatened while shopping?? Good grief man! As a female shopper I’ve used a common sense amount of caution when out at night…park in a sensible area, etc. So I have to assume your wife has a hysterical bent or she dresses in a provocative manner . Either way, an hysterical, paraniod woman with a gun makes me very uneasy. Ya’ll are paranoid!! Paranoid people are dangerous people, looking for an excuse. Hurray for common sense rules , if I spot a gun in a place of business me and mine are leaving!

  • What You Say

    Meh, anyone who reads the full story can see that this is doesn’t change a single thing. Target’s spokesperson stated “..this is a request and not a prohibition…” and if shoppers refused to comply, Target “..will continue to follow local laws”. So in essence, if it is legal to open carry in your local and you do so, Target will still follow local laws.

    Then again, reading comprehension was never a strong suit of the left, no wonder our resident left troll is dancing already. Good job Moms Demand Your Children Be Victims!

    • Red

      Unbelievable. If you think that “liberals” are less educated than folks like yourself who think you are “conservatives”, then you are sadly mistaken.

      • nuclear mike

        Perhaps your wife has not been scared as has many have been in our area shopping malls lately…from the Bridge Street attempted gang jewelry robbery to the vandalism & break-in at the Belk Hudson Apartments in Downtown…to being stalked in the Target parking lot during daylight and at night when the ladies have been by themselves shopping.
        Huntsville has become a more violent and deadly town these last two years just go read the Police Blotter reports.

      • nuclear mike

        …and I almost forgot, be sure to smile when you see us walk by with our ‘peacekeepers”…

      • Red

        When I walk past you folks displaying your guns, I will smirk just like I would if I saw a short guy with a roll of quarters stuffed down his pants to make his package look bigger. Hows that? Will that satisfy you, or do you want to be more specific with your veiled threat?

  • Steve

    The very act of requesting that customers not to carry their concealed weapons when it is legal by state law ends up endangering all Target customers. Thieves or other violent people who read this (if they can read) will think that it is safer for them to commit criminal acts in and around Target stores. That will increase the incidences of those crimes.

    • Red

      If it were to actually become popular to tote a gun around everywhere becasue you were skeered of everybody and everything, then the rate of gun related accidents involving Mr. and Ms. Joe Blow would FAR outstrip any imaginary increase in the rate of crimes in any place. This is simple statistics, and is not subject to debate. Whereas, you have absolutely no evidence to support your claim that criminals flock to places that advertise their places as a “gun free zone”. You have nothing but your imagination, and the lies told by all the other folks like you, which most certainly does not constitute proof or evidence just because somebody else said it.

      • Dave

        Actually, if you paid attention, you would notice that ALL recent mass shootings have occurred in”gun free” zones. But you’ll ignore this fact, because it contradicts your ideology.

      • Red

        You aren’t paying attention. There has historically not even been any such thing as a “gun free zone” to begin with. This is a phrase that was coined deliberately in response to the common sense actions of folks who don’t want people parading their weapons around in their establishments. If you are referring to an elementary school, then of course… guns are not allowed or expected. In fact, until recently, nobody would have expected to encounter a bunch of people with guns anywhere but a shooting range. So to say that crimes are only committed at “gun free zones” is meaningless. You aren’t going to understand any of this though. But maybe you can name a few “gun allowed zones” for me, other than shooting ranges. Name some public places where it is understood and expected that most of the patrons will be carrying weapons.

  • tim

    i laugh everytime i see these wanna be cowboys with there guns out in the open.they are compensating for something.kinda like a short dude in a jacked up truck.good for target.maybe other places will follow there lead.

  • John T. Smith

    Since Target has just become a free fire zone neither me nor my family will be shopping there again. As a former law enforcement officer and former military I refuse to do business with anyone that will deprive me of my right to defend my family and myself. Bye Target.

    • Red

      I’ve shopped at TARGET for years… NEVER ONCE had to “defend myself” in a store. I can honestly tell you that it makes me happy that you won’t be back in there. I feel safer already in fact.

      • Red

        Mike… can’t want for one of you to “feel threatened” by another of you and the shootout that ensues. Shoot each other and not me or anybody I care about, and we will have no trouble. I don’t go to saloons, so maybe I won’t see you or your possey or gang anywhere.

      • TruthLivesHere

        You are a typical obamunist. I’ve said this repeatedly about people like you : You whine and complain about guns, but if your house gets broken into, the first thing you hypocrites do is call 911 and beg for someone with a gun to come to your rescue. People like you are sickening, in your minds guns are bad until you need one.

      • Red

        Look… “truth”, I feel like I am arguing with a child. If you’ve ever done this, you know that some children refuse to understand that they are wrong. I have a gun at my home. If I am robbed, I was probably NOT HOME. I will call the police, not to “beg”, but to file a police report which will be necessary for my home insurance to reinburse me for whatever is stolen. If I am home during a break-in, then guess what…? And in all honesty, I am NOT complaining about guns. Guns don’t scare me. I am complaining about the mental capacity of folks who are making a BIG DEAL out of their guns… carrying their guns around with them everywhere… because I KNOW that a dangerous percentage of these people are untrustworthy.

  • tim

    I Don’t shop at Target…….. Maybe they should focus on protecting their customer’s credit card info instead of worrying about people lawfully carrying guns !

  • mover

    target is so brilliant. now they are joining the likes of post offices and schools making themselves very vulnerable for sure. do ya think if some nutjob went off in the store that just maybe one of those mean patriots with a carry license might be able to stop him??? ya just lost my dollars. no more target for me….and i used to spend lots in there…

  • Michael

    Doesn’t really bother me. Don’t think I’ve shopped there since the massive credit card leak from a while back.

  • Red

    I shop at Target, and I can promise you that the LAST thing I want to see when I am in there, are hillbillies toting their guns around like exhibitionists trying to impress everybody. A few things that these gun idiots seem to fail to understand. 1) Most of the general public is against this sort of thing even though the LOUDEST and most VOCAL folks are the ones that do support it. 2) Businesses that allow these fools to walk around displaying their weapons will gradually loose customers, as people will just not feel comfortable around the general population once a certain percentage of them are armed. And they will leave.

    Target understands this, and doesn’t want to loose business, so they are forced to make this statement. It disgusts me that they seem apologetic about it. I would not apologize at all. I don’t give a crap how many gun nuts get their feelings hurt being asked to leave their attention seeking toys in the car. The people tho thing that Target has lost “thousands” of customers are idiots, plain and simple. There aren’t THAT many people who feel the need to display their guns in the grocery store. There are lots of overlooked nobodies though that see this as a way of feeling like they are somebody though.

    • TruthLivesHere

      Target is a dump. It’s nothing more than a K-Mart on steroids. And you are wrong Say What, in November you’ll find out how many of us there are.

      • Say What

        We already witnessed your demise in the primaries! The crazies will be strong in certain local elections because they gerrymandered as many districts as they could. As for the national level elections — you have nothing! As Red correctly points out, the masses are waking up to the crazy images of gun toters in stores and restaurants and are appalled!

  • karma comes around

    For those who say that u have shopped target for years and never had to defend yourself it only takes once its just like driving a car just because you have drove a car for 30 years and never been involved in an accident you still wear your seat belt just incase also dont forget that soldiers carry guns every day just so you can remain free in the United States to voice your opinion about firearms

    • Red

      And of course, I have no problem with soldiers carrying guns. It’s just YOU folks doing it around me that bothers me. A large percentage of the general population is fairly unstable to begin with, and my guess is, most of the unstable ones are going to WANT to participate in this open carry thing. These people are likely not trained, not intelligent, not careful, not safe.

  • Stanley

    Every time I go into a Target Store, where is all the shoppers at anyway? Close it down I don’t care. Pricing is to high anyway. There is Walmart. It is a little cheaper. My gun has never hurt anyone. Not yet. My safety comes before TARGET. So they can kiss my BUTT.

  • Bill Strickland

    Target is French, Don’t like French arrogance, don’t shop French, But for statistics that this guy is begging for that supports being armed, look at all the recent gun outbreaks, done in gun free zones. Why do you think the criminal chooses those areas to do his dirty work? My carry concealed protects me as well as you. I don’t pull my gun out to wave it around, and you will never know if I have it at all, until the shooting starts. Now tell me honestly, when the criminal pulls out and starts shooting, had you rather be standing there with me and you both as targets or had you rather that I be standing beside you shooting back? Statistics proves that criminals who are confronted by citizens shooting back, most times sustain killing hits. If we all were unarmed, there would be NO killing hits. To each his own. But next time I see bullets coming your way, Ill remember to let you stand there and take it. As my bullets will now be used only to protect me, not you!! Thanks for helping me conserve ammo, its quite expensive these days.

  • LRH

    I’m guessing that Red is NOT from around here, that RED is not just his hair color, and that he never ever served in the boots on the ground U.S. military or on a beat on the street law enforcement. Bless his heart. I common sense plan on exercising my LEGAL Second Amendment Right… as does my law abiding, professionally trained, personally responsible family. He / she (And or Jeanne) can rose colored glasses choose not to carry / own / buy a firearm. Just as we can ALL freely choose to voice our opinions on this constitutional matter. We still live, work, and play… and decide where to safely shop in a country where the First Amendment is a God Given inalienable right… barring a I got a pen and I got a cell phone mandate over-wise. And then…? Well, it’s coming to a pry from my cold dead hands theater near you folks, but I little red hen predict /prepare digress. Just wondered if you all, Red (As in socialist? Definitely NOT red state ideology.) and Jeanne, plan on publicizing your gun-free addresses or posting “No weapons allowed” along side your home security company yard sign just as “politically correct” Target has? I hope to save our underpaid cops a breakneck, blue light, take names, yellow tape trip and USPS you liberal lemmings some chalk before the underworld smugly scripts your easy pickings names in their little black book. PS All Obama big government big brother answer to everything Kool-aid drinkers are in my prayers too. God bless America…please!

    • Say What

      I do not know who Red is, but I often agree with him/her on issues — especially this one! As for me, I served in the military as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician. I own several guns. I have a concealed carry permit. I was born in the South and have lived my whole life in Texas, Arkansas and Alabama. I love my guns. It is sad that the NRA crazies are ruining the image of guns in America. The groups that go over the top on this issue are doing more harm than good! I have no problem with laws being passed that require the safe storage of handguns. I also have no problem with very stringent requirements for people to prove their competency with handguns before they are allowed to own such deadly items. The second amendment was not written by God. It is crazy to equate the US Constitution to the Bible! The rights in the Constitution are the result of US Supreme Court decisions — not God! Just as the Supreme Court gave you the Heller decision, they can take it away! If the gun owners (of which I am one) do not want to turn the public attitude against us we better come to our senses and stop acting so wacky! If not, that public attitude will be reflected in future Supreme Court decisions!

      • Red

        I will tell you who I am… sort of. I am a frequent GOP voter, but I am not bound to this party. I will vote for a democrat if I feel like it. This guy called me a “kool-aid” drinker in the same paragraph as claiming my comments were not in accordance with “red state ideology”. This is why it is hard to try to communicate with them. The kool-aid drinkers are the ones who COMPLY with all the positions and policies of their opinion masters. That’s not me. I am also a gun owner, and I would have no trouble using my gun to protect myself at my home, but I do not have a permit. And even if I did, I have no reason to want to tote it around and display it to people at a grocery store. These people have personality issues. And I am not even talking about CONCEALED carriers. I don’t consider these people to be the issue here. It’s just the ones that want the attention by carrying in the open that concern me. I am also a southerner… born in this area and lived here all my life. If you read this garbage written by LRH, it reads like the ramblings of a manifesto written by a lunatic. And to these people, this issue isn’t even about their guns. It is somehow about OBAMA. They feel like what they are doing is in direct rebellion to the president, who they clearly hate with every cell in their body. Yet… they won’t admit to being racist. I am certainly not a socialist either, and that is such a TIRED comment that they use to try to demean folks. This language was born out of the 2008 election, and it is burned into their brains, and it becomes a comment they whip out anytime they need to throw something at anybody that disagrees with them.

  • karma comes around

    Red I am starting to agree with you to a point I personally carry a firearm but I do not open carry I am not a police officer and I feel that it puts certian people on edge when they see someone doing so but I do disagree with target to ask they gun owners not have there guns in the open where such laws allow that if someone is a so called nut case and about to do something stupid most times u can tell by there actions and in that case if they have a gun I prefer to know it before they do have a melt down when it comes down to it we all have the right to have a gun and carry a gun as long as we are of age and are not felons how each person carrys it or does not carry it is up to them I will keep mine close and pray I never have to use it but will be ready if need be

  • ariel

    companies need to realize that saying these things only loses them business. and not because you cant bring in your gun cause i assure you if i have a permit to carry one ill take it anywhere i please. but its a very ignorant thing to think that telling people to not bring in their guns is gonna stop any criminal from bringing in theirs.

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