High Def Visor Gets a No

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Last week, we tested the NightView glasses that claim to turn “night into bright.”

The packaging claimed the specially coated lenses reduced eyestrain and blocked out night-time glare.

We thought all it did was turn white light into yellow light.  It seemed that all it did was turn everything yellow.

We made the NightView a Dud.

Now, we have another product that claims to help you see day or night by tinting everything yellow.

It’s called the HDVision Visor. You put it on the driver's side visor.

It has a dark visor for driving in daylight and a lighter one for driving at night.

I get the concept. I get what they are going for with the product. I may just be the old cranky guy in the hardware store now.

But I just don’t see these products doing anything. The HDVision Visor did not appear to cut down on glare during the day or night. It seemed to do what the NightView glasses did … which is turn everything yellow.

If you are so inclined, you can try them, but I can’t put the “Deal” label on them. I am going to make the HDVision Visor a “Dud” like the NightView.

If you like them, and want to make a case for them in a product update, please let me know.

But for now, I’m voting Dud.

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