UPDATE: Homeowner shoots man in DeKalb County

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POWELL, Ala. (WHNT) - The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting in the Powell community.

It happened Wednesday night at a home on Wigley Avenue.

Deputies responded to a 911 call reporting someone was trying to force their way into a home.

Sheriff Jimmy Harris says Cecil "Monty" Gant was making threats to the homeowner, whose name isn't being released yet.

He says that's when that person got a gun. "Mr. Gant's trying to come in through the door, he fires through the door, and he strikes him possibly three times, two that we know of," Sheriff Harris says.

Someone was waiting in a car outside the home, and deputies say Gant got in the car after the shooting and left.

An ambulance picked Gant up at an area restaurant and then took him to DeKalb Regional Hospital, then on to Huntsville Hospital. He was reported to be in critical condition Thursday morning.

Sheriff Harris says it appears all three people know each other.

Deputies are looking at previous reported threats as part of the investigation.

Sheriff Harris says this case could be one of self defense. "With the new gun law that they passed it says basically your home is your castle, the castle doctrine, so you have the right to defend your castle if someone is trying to come in it," Sheriff Harris says.

He says the case will likely be presented to a grand jury in the near future.

No arrests have been made.



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