Tennessee River Bridge Worries Drivers

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Highway 231 between Huntsville and Morgan County is busy.  That of course means plenty of traffic for the bridges that cross the Tennessee River.  For drivers travelling north toward Huntsville there's a problem. "It's the dip there as you merge on to the bridge. Where it goes from asphalt to concrete," says James Thomas.

He's talking about the road where it connects to the bridge. The road actually dips right before it connects with the bridge, and forms your basic ski jump.  You can watch cars and trucks bouncing as they leave the road and move on to the surface of the bridge. "In  just a personal vehicle it's not so bad, but if you're towing something, it's a pretty good jolt as you go across," says Thomas.

What concerns him the most is what the jolt does to vehicles pulling light trailers. They don't just bounce, the trailers appear to actually leave the road's surface. James Thomas says that is definitely not good. "Because to me it's a concern. if a person, perhaps fails to secure a load properly...that good jolt could possibly cause something to come loose," says James.

The other problem with the bounce as you get on to the bridge, some drivers seemed to be startled. We saw one truck carrying a car, bounce at the offending spot, and then the driver reacted by hitting his brakes.  The bottom line says James Thomas, the state needs to do some re-paving and make sure there's no area where vehicles are jolted as badly as they are at the Tennessee River Bridge.

We're taking action and taking that request to the Alabama Department of Transportation. Things that startle drivers, and cause vehicles to bounce off the road's surface are definitely not desirable.


  • David Daugette

    There was an accident over a year ago that did severe damage to the guardrail.It has only recently begun to be repaired by ALDOT.They placed orange cones in front of the damaged area to the guardrail and they have remained that way since then.I travel over this bridge to and from work every day,it’s only a matter of time before another serious incident takes place and until it does these kinds of things will still occur.

  • nuclear mike

    A lot of this “effect” is due to the speed of the vehicles as many are above the posted speed limit and the fact that the endless heavily loaded commercial trucks are literally hammering the softer asphalt before the bridge lower than the hard concrete of the bridge.

  • Michael

    Doesn’t really bother me but then again I never tow anything. Do truckers and towers feel the same effect coming off the bridge into Madison County?

  • B

    I would love to see this fixed! Its brutal in my car, but partially because of the performance suspension it has. Its not AS bad in my truck but still pretty rough, and like mentioned above it scares me when I’m pulling a trailer.

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