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Accused burglar caught inside Leighton Pharmacy

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LEIGHTON, Ala. (WHNT) - Shattered windows and a broken door greeted customers of Leighton Pharmacy Tuesday morning.

Owner Rodney Logan and workers were still picking up the pieces of glass from the parking lot after a burglar hit the business just before 3am.

But before the suspect could get away, Colbert County sheriff’s deputies were outside waiting.

“When he saw the deputy, the deputy announced who he was, the offender turned and ran back into the building and shut the door,” explained Leighton Police Chief Brandon Hood.

After a few minutes, Hood says 20-year-old Christopher Alexander tried busting out another window to escape.

He was caught climbing out.

Police said when they searched him they found a check book from a closed bank account of pharmacy owner Rodney Logan.

“I have watched just a little video of him,” said Logan. “He did briefly scan the shelves but it seems like he spent the majority of his time in the warehouse in the back here.'

Logan said he’s just thankful someone was caught in this latest burglary.

“First 20-years I did not have a single break-in, and now probably over the last 9-years we`ve had 12 or 14 break-ins,” stated Logan.

And after fixing the broken door and windows, Logan said they will be back to business as usual.

Unfortunately he`s grown used to this type of thing.

Christopher Alexander is being held in the Colbert County Jail on an investigative hold.

Authorities say he could face burglary and theft of property charges.