Huntsville’s historic Lowry House looking to heat things up with summer concert series

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The historic Lowry House near Oakwood Avenue in north Huntsville is the perfect place for educational field trips, or events like weddings and parties.​

But The Lowry House directors are looking to venture out and attract new faces with some exciting new events.
The city's long-range downtown revitalization plan will stretch all the way to Oakwood Avenue. Wider streets and new attractive street lighting are making their way toward Lowry House on Kildare Street, but they need a way to attract people in the interim before projects are complete - they need interest to keep the doors open.
"You're right," says Lowry House Assistant Director Cynthia Masucci, "We have to have some business now."
So the folks at the Lowry House are getting creative - mixing it up with a new backyard summer concert series.
On July 12 and 26 The Lowry House will host their 'Backyard Concert Series.' Masucci says musicians are donating their time and talent to the Lowry house cause.  Directors say acts will play their own music in an environment conducive to 'listening' - not like in a noisy bar or crowded club.
"This summer we're having backyard concerts and we've started doing original plays," explains Masucci who credits Original Theatre Group led by local playwright/director Wayne Miller.
"Also this year for Christmas parties - we are going to do that a little differently. We will have some musicians to choose from so if someone wants to come and have a party here, there'll be a musician."
Masucci credits Downtown Huntsville Inc.'s Chad Emerson and Huntsville City Council President Mark Russell for helping to generate new ideas for creating an authentic but original and uniquely 'Lowry House' gathering spot for music-loving Huntvillians.
During July and August, shows will be held in the shaded Lowry House backyard complete with a large misting fan. In addition, they'll offer free barbecue from Doctor BBQ and a free beer tasting by The Brew Stooges. Tommy Brown of the transportation department has even offered to help with patron locomotion.
"They've been kind enough to offer us the trolley - we have to 'prove' ourselves - he's given me 2 dates and we have to prove ourselves but as long as we can gain some interest in this area then I think we'll be okay," hopes Masucci, "We just have to let people know we're here."
July 11 and 25 Lowry House will host free 10 minute tours of the re-enactment:  "Legend of Lowry House."
For the July 12 backyard concert, Aaron Anderson Bradley will open for The Beasley Brothers.
For the July 26 backyard show, Chapman James will open for Drew Richter and Chelsea Cerha, with the band Toy Shop a possible act.
On August 7, 8 and 9 Lowry House will host Ben Johnson's SO SOUTHERN; a hilarious play based on the seven traits we, as southerners, all share: tradition, family, heritage, hospitality, nature, passion and pleasure. Tanja Miller, the star of the one-woman show, is 'Miz Ruby' (a character based loosely on Ben's own mother, the late Dr. Ruby Johnson), and Tanja portrays her with perfect finesse. The light and witty dialog oozes southern charm; the "inside" jokes & anecdotes leave you in stitches. Tickets are $15 and include a glass of Miz Ruby's famous punch! Call 256-489-9200 for more information.