2014 FIFA World Cup “Social” Webpage shows who’s worthy of tweets, in real-time

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(Image Credit: fifa.com/worldcup/social/index.html) Copyright ©1994 - 2014 FIFA

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – On Tuesday, the United States will take on Belgium in the 2014 World Cup competition in Brazil. The soccer matchup is expected to draw a big audience stateside, as the U.S. battles for the chance to move on in the soccer tournament.

As the group play matchups of this year’s World Cup showed, social media has become a key platform for fans interacting with one another.

Whether they’re venting frustrations or praising a key save, Facebook and Twitter posts have come fast and furious from the start of the tournament.

FIFA – the sport’s global governing body – does a great job capturing the excitement and streamlining it for us all to analyze with its World Cup “Social” webpage.  The Fédération Internationale de Football Association’s tool showcases players who are “trending” at any moment, along with numbers of recent tweets and mentions, ranking them accordingly.

You can also view an interactive map of real-time social mentions globally, as well as search for mentions of your country or team. A “JoinIn The Conversation” widget lets you have your say without ever leaving the webpage.

Last but not least, there are featured social updates and mentions, which can be sorted by team or player.

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