Parkway Place Mall launches new website, better access to “deals”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Many shoppers now expect deals and discounts to come to them, through a smartphone or tablet. In response to that digital demand, CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. has launched new websites at 22 CBL Malls, including Huntsville’s Parkway Place Mall.

The new website includes an engaging and “nine times more retailer deals and coupons.” The website prominently highlights current deals at popular mall stores, as well as upcoming events. They can connect directly with the mall on Facebook and also sign up for the E-Club to get emails with special promotions and inside information.

Shoppers wishing to use their smartphone can access a refreshed mobile version of the website as well.

The new website was crafted in partnership with PlaceWise Media and puts a clear focus on reaching shoppers in real-time.

“Reaching shoppers while they research a purchase or plan a shopping trip is a ripe opportunity for shopper marketers,” said John Dee, PlaceWise Media president. “Mobile is influencing where to buy, what to buy and even how much people are spending. It’s essential that retailers have as many integrated options for their shoppers as possible.”

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  • Nuclear Mike

    With Mall foot traffic down by more than 25% and getting worse, the Mall has to attempt every new enticement to get their lost shoppers back…but it just won’t work with the new generation as they have no real money and are internet addicted…

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