Body found near Highway 79 outside Scottsboro

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — Scottsboro Police say a body has been found near Waterfront Grocery on Highway 79.

Police tell us the body was found in woods a short way from the store.

Officers say right now they haven’t identified the body and will know more pending the results of an autopsy.

The rescue squad found the body following a new search for Troy Jens, who went missing June fourth.

Jens was last seen walking away from the store on Highway 79. A search for him has ensued since then, both in the water and on land, and conducted by multiple agencies.

Police say they were evaluating the area near the store when they noticed a section of woods by the grocery, and started looking there.

Officers say they won’t know the identity until an autopsy is performed.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the death investigation.


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