Lowe’s employee charged with illegally selling lawnmowers

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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. – A former Lowe’s employee is accused of pocketing nearly $40,000 after selling 17 lawnmowers.

According to Muscle Shoals Police, David Dobes, 36, is charged with two counts of theft of property.
Investigators say while Dobes worked at Lowe’s, he would sell mowers to family and friends and never ring up the purchase.

Officers have recovered most of the mowers that were taken. Dobes is being held at the Colbert County Jail on bail totaling $7,500.


  • nuclear mike

    Your employees are the most devastating thieves in any business because they can steal more quicker than a shoplifter can…he stayed too long & got greedy not realizing that inventory control will catch up on such big ticket items…stupid to the very end and now jail time…

  • Rick

    Each person that accepted the stolen products should also be arrested. They had to realize that they were stealing if they didn’t pay for the product.

    • Michael

      Sounds like they gave him the money for it, intended for Lowe’s. He just put it in his pocket instead of the cash register.

      • Rick

        So he sold 17 mowers for $2,300 (or at a big discount) without providing a receipt, and the “buyers” thought it was legit? I bet every single “buyer” knew what was going on. I can’t imagine leaving a store after buying a big-ticket item without a receipt.

      • Michael

        Maybe he did put it in the register to print the receipt. I’m not going to assume all registers work the same, but I spent a few years running one. Believe me, you can print off a receipt but that doesn’t mean the money is there. Watched a couple of people get fired for taking money out of it.

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