Pro-life advocates respond to Alabama Women’s Center plan to surrender license

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Alabama Women’s Center clinic administrator Dalton Johnson confirmed Tuesday that north Alabama’s only clinic that performs abortions will soon voluntarily surrender its license to operate, due to new safety requirements recently signed into law.

Johnson said Friday will be the last procedure day at the clinic. The license will be voluntarily  surrendered on Monday.

For years, we have seen pro-life and pro-choice advocates with signs in front of the clinic on Madison Street in Huntsville. Both groups were out there today, like usual. But come Monday, the pro-life group feels they will have claimed a victory when the clinic closes its doors.

"It's a day we've worked and prayed for for 20 years, over 20 years," said James Henderson. Henderson is a pro-life activist and stood with his fellow advocates outside of the Women's Center Wednesday.

"There were once three abortion clinics in this town and we worked and prayed at all three of them and now finally the third one is closing," he said.

The Women's Health and Safety Act requires the clinic to meet the ambulatory health care standards by July 1st. Clinic administrators said it just isn't going to be possible to do that in its current location.  "That's the big factor," said Henderson. "HB57 imposed some reasonable standards, the same standards as ambulatory surgery clinics and they're not able to meet those."

"Trap laws in Alabama are legislative attacks against women," argued Jayme Calhoun with Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates.

Pro-choice advocates are hopeful they will be able to re-open the clinic in a timely manner. "We're very confident that we're going to find another location to open that will be compliant with the laws in Alabama," Calhoun said.

When the time comes for the advocates of both groups to end their sidewalk standoff, Henderson said he will move on to the next place he feels needed.

"We'll continue what we're doing and if they do stay closed, we'll go help our Christian friends in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa," he said.


  • WorldGoneCrazy

    Praise God for closing this death mill and putting its Josef Mengeles out of business! Thank you to the Republican Party – the party that abolished slavery and is now abolishing abortion.

  • Judy Whitten

    All I can is at last, little babies will not be murdered anymore. I would not want to stand before God and give an account for my dastardly deeds if I was them. I will continue to pray for those who take part in abortions, the mercy of God goes deeper then we can ever know.

    • Say What

      Yes they will. Little babies die everyday due to the lack of healthcare that we deny by not expanding Medicaid. Little babies die everyday because their parents work for an employer that refuses to pay a living wage that would allow the employee the resources to provide for their children. Little babies will die because you vote for politicians that cut food stamps for poor families while giving bigger farm and corporate subsidies to the non-poor. It is always interesting how so called “pro-lifers” only care about those “little babies” while they are in the womb. Once they are born and living in a poor family “pro-lifers” support legislation that makes their lives harsher!

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        It would seem that your solution to the problem of child poverty is to kill babies in the womb. You seem to be advocating murder as a solution to poverty. If so, you would have been right at home in the higher leadership of the Communist Gulag administration.

    • Say What

      Judy, if God’s mercy goes deeper than we can know, than prayer is not necessary. If God is that merciful he does not need any encouragement (prayer) from a little human like you!

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        Say What, it is clear, based on your statement, that you do not know the One True (Christian) God. I am literally praying for you right now to repent of your sins, trust Christ Jesus as the Lord of your life, and begin to serve the God of Life instead of the devil of death. I pray this in the name of Christ Jesus, Amen. May God bless you abundantly, Say What.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Amen Judy! Keep praying every day – God has them on the run. It took decades to abolish slavery too, but God’s side did it! If God can turn a once pro-abort like me into a pro-life advocate, he can do it for anyone. Even Abby Johnson and Norma McCorvey had the scales fall from their eyes eventually. We are winning the spiritual battle against the culture of death – even while the Abortion President sits on his throne and blesses Planned Murder-in-Da-Hood! God bless all of the fellow pro-lifers!

  • mike

    Thank God this clinic is closing.I don’t understand how anyone could approve of a woman’s right to murder their own helpless child.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Amen, Mike! And it’s horrible for the woman who has had the abortion too. The abortion doctors are butchers who frequently puncture the woman’s uterus. And, pro-aborts are never around to pick up the pieces of these poor women once they wake up to what they have done to their little sons and daughters. Many of these post-abortive women will later attempt suicide.

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    For those in Huntsville, Alabama who wish to have help during and after a crisis pregnancy (including a free ultrasound and/or pregnancy test), please choose life (Deut 30:19) and go to the loving, caring folks at Choose Life of North Alabama: Administration Office 256-534-1996, Pregnancy Test Center – 256-533-3526,

    Choose Life of North Alabama Inc
    220 Rands Avenue
    Huntsville, Alabama 35801

    If you have had an abortion and would like free counseling from loving women, please go there as well. If you are a man whose wife or girlfriend has chosen abortion, and you would like free counseling to deal with this, please contact ChooseLife at the number above – they have men counselors on staff there too! If you are a pro-lifer, please prayerfully consider donating time or treasure to help support the mission of ChooseLife. There is no better return on investment than saving the lives of babies! Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with ChooseLife – except as a faithful donor.

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