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Many Alabama residents still await state tax refund

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(WHNT) - It has been two months since filing day, and many Alabama residents have yet to receive their state income tax refund.

This is despite the fact the state department of revenue website says their return should have already arrived.

So Alabama taxpayers want to know:  where are their state tax refunds?

"They've contacted us saying `hey we want to know where it is, we've called the state a couple of times asking for information, we've gone to the website and everytime the answer is the same.' It's still in process and wait a few more weeks," said Brad Garland, a CPA at Hall Albright Garrison & Associates.

WHNT News 19 reached out to the state for answers. According to the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR), as of Tuesday, June 24th, their office has processed 1.8 million individual income tax returns.

They have issued 1,023,194 refunds to taxpayers totaling $475,103,034.65. We asked how many refunds were yet to be issued, but we were told they did not have those numbers

So what is taking so long? Garland has an idea.

"The biggest factor this year is the state is trying to crack down on fraudulent claims for refunds," explained Garland. "They`re
taking a more meticulous approach to reviewing a lot of the returns."

According to ADOR, most returns fall into two categories: those that are automatically processed, and those requiring further review.

Returns can be flagged for review for excessive reductions or contributions. Those are reviewed manually, rather than through a computerized system.

If you are still waiting for your refund a date to look out for is July 15th. That is when the state has to start paying interest on refund claims.


  • Bob

    I have been told 4 times thus far that “Your return will be proccessed when the agent gets to it”.And they hang up on me. I filed my return electronially on 1/22/14 and to date no refund, no communication. I was given a drop dead file date of 4/15/14 how can they justify no refund date, and worse yet no communication? The Federal refund was delivered 10 days after filing. When will Alabama join the 21st century? The customer service at the Revenue Agency is the worst I have ever dealt with in 50 years.

  • Jason

    This is why I try my best to claim enough deductions to break even. Alabama has been slow in the past as well as fast. This year has been particularly slow. The only way I have found to make this more predictable is to take ALDOR out of the process as much as possible

  • Roger Marple

    It’s the same as with the IRS- anti-fraud measures simply take more time. it’s for everyone’s good in the long run to crack down on “fake” tax returns.

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