Madison weighs fiber internet upgrade for city buildings

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) -  Madison city hall could get the internet upgrade to fiber along with a few other city buildings.

IT Director Jason Colee tells us, "It all started as a training exercise that the fire department needed to do . . . There were some high quality videos that needed to be transferred, and they were having to take their firefighters out of the other two stations and bring them back to the main station just to have them watch these videos."

Fiber internet could distribute those videos almost instantly.

But here's an even bigger benefit. All of Madison's digital data, including things like payroll, lives in a small room in city hall.

Colee hates to imagine what would go on if something happened to city hall, "If we had a significant storm like we had on April 27th, 2011, if we had a day like that, where city hall could not come back up in any length of time, how do we pay our employees? How do we dispatch people in the field? How do our police officers get the information that they need."

Upgrade the internet to fiber, and you can have multiple data centers sharing information seamlessly.

Plus, get the systems linked up more efficiently, and you can improve disaster response on the whole.

All of a sudden a command post like city hall, can get a much clearer picture of what's going on with first responders.

Colee explains, "We can say, 'Ok, we know that this particular neighborhood got hit with something devastating.' Now we can view that video real-time from the cars to see how we can custom tailor a response to the situation."

The upgrade will cost the city a few hundred dollars more a month.

Mayor Troy Trulock plans to present it to the council in July.

He tells us it could be up and running in September.