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Athens man accused of buying cats to torture and kill them set for arraignment

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – A Limestone County man accused of buying cats on Craigslist with the intent to torture and kill them has been set for arraignment on July 29.

Ronald Fraser Golden, 48, of Athens, was indicted on 22 separate charges of cruelty to a cat or dog in May.

He was arrested in October after Athens Police got calls about dead kittens found near his home on Bullington Road.

After he was arrested, police said Golden admitted to buying kittens off Craigslist, naming them, and then killing them.

Investigators say he had a “cat room” where he would torture the animals.

Golden’s trial date has already been set for September 15.


  • Me

    What a disgusting person. Given the fact that many serial killers start out killing innocent animals this guy seriously needs to be put away for good. I would say go with the death penalty but our society would think that is far to cruel…lethal injection is way better than being beat to death the same way he took the lives of defenseless animals but whatever.

  • Jeanne

    Something very sick about this man. Makes a person wonder how he got to the age he is with this nasty fetish he has without being noticed. Has this behavior escalated over the years? If so, the next steps could be human torture and murder. His behavior is suspect, perhaps he should be put away for life before he graduates to humans.

  • Jim

    Very strange behavior for sure. You really have to wonder what caused him to have this type of obsession with torturing animals. They guy must of gone through something pretty traumatic at some point in his life. It reminds me of those “Crush” videos that appear on the internet ever so often with adults crushing small animals with their shoes ie high heels etc…You really wonder what happened to people to make them do those ghoulish kind of things….

  • SN

    This hurts my heart. So much I want to say, just not sure how to put it in words. But for one…… Was he substituting animals for something else?! I can’t help but wonder what he may have done or would do to ANYTHING or ANYONE he could control. A LOT more investigating should be done around this mans world. So sad.

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