Blocked Stop Sign Causes Worries In Huntsville

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5th Street runs off Governors Drive in Huntsville. It's certainly not the busiest street in town, but at different times of the day it can be busy.  When 5th gets to 8th Avenue there's a problem at the stop sign. "They don't pay no attention to it. I think because the stop sign is in the blur...because of the trees," says James Anderson.

You can see the stop sign on 5th, but a hackberry tree has definitely partially blocked it. Neighbors say that drivers coming from Governors, without a clear view of the stop sign, make 5th Street dangerous. "The problem here is people coming down here on 5th Street going about 50-to-50 miles an hour. The speed limit is 25. You come from Governors down 5th Street. people run the stop sign cause they can't see the stop sign in between the trees," says Erica Smithey.  Erica also says there are way too many kids in the neighborhood for drivers to be running the stop sign.

To be fair, when we were at the intersection no one was speeding or running the stop sign. Neighbors, however, say it happens all the time. They've been trying to help the situation themselves. "I go, hey...ya'll need to slow down. there's kids playing. YOU YELL AT THEM? I do, and some of the other neighbors...they yell at them. DOES IT DO ANY GOOD? Sometimes they slow down and they might come back the next day and go, oh there was a stop sign. Oh the speed limit is 25, let me slow down coming through here," says Erica.

The bottom line on this situation, neighbors want something done to make the stop sign easier to see. Coming from the other direction the view of the stop sign on the other side of 8th Avenue is unobstructed. Neighbors want both stop signs to be the same.

We're taking action and making sure city traffic engineers are aware of the situation.  This fix would be easy.