Big Spring Park overrun with ducks, Animal Services moves them to new home

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Big Spring Park is over capacity. Ducks and Geese are taking over.

“About every two years this breed of duck, the Muscovy, populates so beautifully that it becomes a problem. There’s just too many there,” explained Karen Sheppard, with Huntsville Animal Services.

For the past two weeks Huntsville Animal Services has been rounding up Muscovy ducks, and moving them to private ponds in Madison and Morgan counties. The plan is move anywhere from 70 to 80 ducks, leaving behinds only 10 to 15.

The reasons for the move are plenty. Sheppard says in the past, the overpopulation led to the ducks becoming territorial, attacking children or park goers who came to feed them.

The ducks, and geese, have also caused more obvious sanitation issues.

“By far the biggest problem is the mess that they create. All day long, poopin’. Just plain and simple,” said Karen.

Sheppard admits the Canadian Geese have also caused issues at the park, becoming aggressive with the other birds and people, however they will not be removed. Instead, Sheppard says, the birds flock to the park over the Summer months, but will leave of their own accord come Fall.


  • nuclear mike

    Actually, the waterfowl at Big Springs make the whole area unattractive…and we will not allow the children of our Families to visit Big Springs because of the health hazard the feces from all the waterfowl pose to small children playing in the areas around the water.

  • ariel

    well the ducks and geese dont want you there either and your children are more of a health hazard to them than the poop is to yours.

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