Update: Fayetteville church affected by April tornadoes lives its message on road to recovery

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) -- Several weeks ago we brought you the story of a small Fayetteville church's goal to help others by spreading a message, despite being severely affected by the late April tornadoes. Now weeks later, they're still standing strong.

Inside a rented building just off U.S. 431 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, Bibles lay open, chairs are set up, and the music is as loud as it always has been.

What is different though, is the building.

Grace Falls church was completely destroyed by the April 28th tornadoes.

The only remnant still intact is the foundation.

That's where the congregation held Sunday morning service in the weeks after the tornadoes hit.

Over the weeks the church moved from place to place.

Now it's situated inside a rented building, miles from where the foundation of the old church, now reduced to rubble, used to be.

However, where they are or how they're meeting doesn't matter to the members.

"Regardless if we're in a store front, if we're in a building, if we're out there on that slab, all we need is Jesus Christ to be a church and do what we're doing," Associate Pastor Josh Caldwell says.

They had to get new equipment and it took some searching to find a new place to hold their services, but members say that long road to recovery isn't what they're dwelling on.

"We hope to focus on the four walls that we do have, and the people that we have and also to focus on the community that's still reeling from the storm," Caldwell says.

They're taking each step in helping the community while holding on to the faith they live by, and like many of those affected by the storms, they're walking that road with something missing.

To them though, there's a bigger picture amid the rubble of what used to be.

"We don't have to have a place to meet, we just have to have Jesus Christ, and that's who we are," Caldwell says.

Caldwell says they plan on continuing to help the community while working to determine what their next step will be.

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