Playing for a cause: Huntsville football team works to spread anti-violence message

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) -- The Rocket City Titans took on the Clarksville Wolfpack in a game that was more than touchdowns and first downs - it was a message.

The start of the game, the players, and the game itself were the same as always.

The Rocket City Titans still ran the same plays and threw the same passes.

But that's just on the outside. There was more to Saturday night's game than merely playing to win.

Cedrick Carr is a former Butler High School Rebel. Now, he's plays on the offensive line for the Rocket City Titans.

Along with the rest of the team, he's working to send a message to the area's young people.

"There's a lot going on, in the city of Huntsville. We're having a lot of violence going on with the youth, and we just want the youth to stay active," Carr says.

The team wants to show the young people violence isn't the answer, and there are other ways to deal with situations.

That message ran especially deep at Saturday night's game.

"A lot of our players went to school with her, some of them were actually really good friends with her,"
Rocket City Titans Executive Director Sylester Redix says.

He's talking about 18-year-old Ashia Oliver.

Oliver was shot and killed Wednesday at a Sunoco gas station.

"A lot of the players were really cool with the family, and we want to make a stand and show everybody they can do other things than violence," Redix says.

"Most of us, we're in our 20s, we're young guys too," Carr adds, "So we like to stay active and show the world we can do positive things for our community. It doesn't have to be the violence and the troubles Huntsville's been having lately."

All of the proceeds from Saturday's game will be given to Oliver's family.

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  • Gertie555

    This is one of the dumbest things yet. Just like the anti-bullying campaign that teaches new tricks to the bullies. If they really want to stop the violence, they would patrol the streets in their neighborhoods and turn in the gang bangers. In the past, any time you see an old lady on her porch haranguing the prostitutes, drug dealers, etc, that ‘s what gets the job done. You have to make the bad guy uncomfortable enough that he leaves. Having a fun event with food,drink and games doesn’t do anything but gain praises for the sponsors. Pat yourselves on the back for doing nothing.

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