Mystery ‘LOVE’ signs pop up all over New Orleans

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Photo Courtesy: WWL TV, New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WWL-TV) – Over a period of 7 weeks, more than 350 signs with the word ‘LOVE’ in red capital letters have popped all over the New Orleans metro area.

It may be one, small word but it’s packed with meaning and even more questions.

Well here’s the answer: a two-man team wanted to spread a positive message in areas of the city where people have committed violent crimes. The pair say they actually used the police department’s crime maps in the city to plan out where they wanted to put up the signs.

Once you spot it, it is hard to miss. It is the mystery behind that one simple word that has caught people’s eyes.

“It can mean so many things to different people, but I do think it’s typically a good thing to love and be love,” says Desiree Andreski.

No matter what the theories are or how it is interpreted one thing is for sure, everyone loves a mystery.

For the full story behind these ‘LOVE’ signs, click here.


  • Chucky

    Should start doing that here, would fit right in with the karate school signs littering all the utility poles. Thought it was illegal to put stuff on the poles.

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