Pope makes his position known on legalizing recreational drugs

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(CNN) — Pope Francis spoke out Friday against legalizing recreational drugs, telling participants at the International Drug Enforcement Conference in Rome that, “Drug addiction is an evil, and with evil there can be no yielding or compromise.”

As public opinion shifts on the use of recreational drugs, two U.S. states have made marijuana use legal and several other states, cities and countries have decriminalized its use or have announced plans to do so.

But Francis said such policies are “not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects,” he said.

“To think that harm can be reduced by permitting drug addicts to use narcotics in no way resolves the problem,” he said.

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  • Michael

    But Francis said such policies are “not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects,” he said.
    Neither has fighting this idiotic War on Drugs.

  • Red

    Drug addiction is an evil. However, people are helped every single day with all sorts of problems with drugs that people can also become addicted to. Does the Pope have a comment regarding a better strategy for dealing with addiction? Jailing people doesn’t help the citizens of this country with addiction. It isn’t even proven that serving jail sentences helps break the cycle of addiction among the people who are jailed. Jailing people also has other negatives including the stagma that follows a person for life that prevents them from finding employment… which fuels the negative cycle. And then there are many cases where the jail sentences are FAR WORSE than the effects of the drug use, case in point, most marijuana arrests.

    The author of this article can’t possibly think that such a complex problem can even be adequately covered in such a short article or such brief comments, even from the Pope. Ask the Pope what he thinks about the fact that America jails more people per capita than any other country on the planet. Ask the Pope what he thinks about the militarism of the US Police Force and it’s impacts on the War on Americans that is referred to as a “War on Drugs”. Does the Pope condone a continued war on this and other negative aspects of the human condition?

  • Juan

    pope is a dope and has no hope. he is the Vicar of Hell! who cares what he says. Ban ALL drugs, period.

  • Michael

    LOL at the coward(s) that keeps having my posts deleted for no other reason than they disagree with it.

  • Red

    addiction is evil? addiction is a disease and a frailty that is common with human beings. if addiction is evil, then so are the other short-comings of humanity. if the pope thinks that humans are evil, then maybe we can agree on that. but laws against plants won’t solve the problems of basic human nature. we only compound the problem by outlawing a thing that is easy to produce and in high demand because we increase it’s value and that drives the black market. and that feeds yet another weakness in us.

    • Michael

      That’s what I find so appalling about my fellow Christians that are for throwing addicted people in a cage like an animal with really violent people. Is that what Jesus would do? I never met the guy personally, but if He were walking this Earth today I’d bet he treat these drug addicted people the same way he treated the adulterer at the temple who was supposed to die for her crime. He didn’t stone her or even condemn her. He forgave her and told her to go forth and sin no more. I feel like He would tell the same thing to today’s people who are battling demons like drug addiction, He would help them, not put them away.

    • Mattie Chambers

      What blows my mind is the continuous association with drug addiction and cannabis. Most drug addicts are not solely cannabis users. The addiction usually comes from other sources and cannabis happens to be one of many types of intoxicants they are using to ease the addiction urge. I have had many friends who occasionally enjoy cannabis. If they don’t have it when they want it they don’t care, its not a life ending issue. I also have many friends that will rip their own hair out if they cant get a cigarette when they have to have it. They become so distraught after an extended period that they cant function or have serious behavioral issues. I am not discounting the possibility that someone may be addicted to cannabis use but I would bet all I have that it is not the sole cause of their addiction.

      I do not think all intoxicants should be legalized but I also do not think that the users should be treated like violent criminals and caged with the other animals UNLESS their crimes are of the same nature. Anyone that commits a violent crime, regardless of the reason, should be tried for that crime. The problem is almost all users are treated the same as violent criminals and that is what most cannabis law reformers are fighting against. I do not drink, smoke or use anything but OTC or prescribed meds but if I were to decide, one day, to take up a form of intoxication, I would choose cannabis simply because it is the least addictive and has the least dangerous side effects of anything I have ever witnessed in use. I have been alive for over 70 years and seen a lot and in that time I have learned to not take anything at face value. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and learn to think and research for yourself. The truth you may discover will change your outlook on many issues we face today.

  • ariel

    cannabis is a plant, a flower. it even mentions it in the bible that it is for man kind. ignorance is all this is

  • ariel

    people who are addicted to actual drugs want to be. its as simple as that, its something they started doing themselves and they continue to because they want to. no sympathy here

    • Michael

      While I agree with the first part of your post, it is a choice to start doing it, if they want to get off these drugs and can’t aren’t we obligated to help them get off their addictions? As it stands today, most are too terrified to ask for the help they need with good reason. No one wants to risk being stuffed kidnapped off the street and stuffed in a cage when they haven’t hurt anyone other than themselves.

  • Christopher

    Ariel, can you cite the verse in the Bible which “mentions it” and that “it is for mankind?”

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