Funeral set for teen killed in Sunoco shooting, investigation continues

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Investigators with Huntsville Police said they are still interviewing witnesses in attempt to track down the person who pulled the trigger at Sunoco early Wednesday morning, killing 18-year-old Ashia Oliver.

Now, flowers line the street where the teen died, and the community is in mourning.

The shooting happened around 3:00 a.m Wednesday morning. Oliver died at the scene and two others went to the hospital. Deputy Chief Kirk Giles says at last word, one was still in critical condition. Giles said the shooting was a result of an on-going fight between several girls. Around 100 people were following the girls when the ended up at the Sunoco on Pullaski Pike. Police said Oliver was not involved with the fight that led to that shooting.

So far, no one is in custody in connection with the shooting, but Giles said more and more witnesses are coming forward with information to help the case.

"We have interviewed several people in the last few days, and we are trying to piece it down or put it down if you would. We're saying, 'okay we know this person was here, we know this person was here. What were they doing when you saw them?'. We have to ascertain what their actions were."

A large crowd of people were at the gas station when several shots were fired. Giles says that makes it hectic during an investigation, with conflicting information and second guessing.

"We're trying to, as quickly as we can, get to all the people we can to tell us exactly what you saw. Not what somebody else told you you saw, and it takes time to sort through all of that," he said.

With all the evidence found at the scene, investigators say there's a good chance more than one weapon was involved, So, they also have to determine who had the guns and who shot what.

"It just takes a while to pin it all down. Plus, we have to have the physical evidence to back it up."

This is the second Lee High School student shot and killed at a gas station in six months. A man shot 21-year-old Mercedes Morris to death outside of a gas station on Sparkman Drive on new year's day.

Lee High School Principal Kevin  Wieseman released a statement of condolences on behalf of the school.

He writes, "the Lee High faculty, staff and students would like to express our sincere condolences on the passing of Ashia Oliver. Ashia recently graduated from Lee High School on May 23, 2014 with 194 of her classmates. It's the joyful things that occurred in our school that we will remember from this young lady. We know grief is greater, but, we hope the family will find peace in each other's company and memories as we will at Lee High."

The funeral service for Oliver will be at 2 p.m. on Monday, June 30 at Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. Interment will be in the Valhalla Memory Gardens.

If you have any information on this shooting, you are asked to call the Huntsville Police Department.



  • Nuclear Mike

    Hanging out at 0300am at a gas station with an obviously very rowdy & dangerous crowd was not a good choice…

  • White Woman up North

    She is dead. How much do you NEED to insult her? You are a very small man, very small. Go to a real church. Her family need our sympathy and support now. Please stop your hateful comments.

    • Nuclear Mike

      This awful lesson needs to be “absorbed” by other black youth so that there is not another death at 0300am at a gas station with a rowdy & dangerous crowd gathered for no good reason at all…

      • White Woman up North

        ALL kids should absorb your “lesson” and ALL color kids are out past times that they should be and at places they should be not be with people they should stay away from. Who made you the social monitor for youth? You don’t care about THEM. You care about being smug and superior to others.
        Again, your special racial needs are not appropriate. There is a family in mourning and a situation that has yet to be explained.

    • Nuclear Mike

      Again, it is the black youth who are dying at the hands of black youth…these “hangouts” are where more black youth are going to die if these last night “gatherings” continue.

      • White Woman up North

        So what you continue to say is that only BLACK people have killed each other? Before my son moved his family to the Huntsville area we read as much as possible (including news reports, past and present) about what it would be like to live in the South. I think more people have died than you noticed. It could happen to you. It could happen any time, any place. You keep on feeling superior. And white. Racist. Do you belong to any particular organizations? I mean any that would be HELPFUL to the kids? Helpful? Nope, you don’t want to be helpful, just superior.

  • Me

    Regardless of color this should serve as a lesson to others, especially young adults. It’s not logical to go to a gas station to hangout and socialize that late at night. Those who live around here know where this shooting took place and are well aware it is in a bad part of town. Nuclear mike is actually correct in trying to reach out to African Americans because in Huntsville, there are far more shootings in the area and involving that race. It’s not necessarily racist to point out a fact. Had this occurred in south Huntsville, where it is majority white, then the appropriate comment may have involved a white child. The whole situation is sad, kids thinking it is appropriate to act in violent ways simply because they dislike someone is ridiculous…

    • Nuclear Mike

      I was hoping the message would be understood…thanks for taking time to see the “whole body of the comments” as it is a tragedy when young people cannot make the best choice to not be in harm’s way and the loss of such young lives diminishes us all.

  • thomas

    @White Woman up North. You are preaching at Nuclear Mike and calling him racist. Yours are the most racist statements i’ve read on these post in a long time. Your the one trying to feel superior and letting everyone know your a WHITE WOMAN up north. If you would care to check, you would find that most killing of blacks is by blacks just as most killing of whites is by whites.Neither black nor white wants to read your preachings or name calling at this time . To the family of Ms. Oliver, so sorry for the loss of your loved one. God be with you and comfort you.

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