TAKING ACTION: Citizen complains county courthouse is not up to par

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A crumbling courthouse.

Complaints are mounting about the current state of the Madison County Courthouse. And we have learned the problems are well-known by county administrators.

Huntsville resident Janice Wynn was recently summoned to serve on jury duty. She says the experience was unpleasant because of the conditions inside the courthouse.

"There aren't  women's restrooms on the jury holding room floor, and the room is not big enough for all the people who they called to potentially serve," Wynn says.

While there are restrooms on most floors, they are designated either men or women restrooms only depending on the floor number.

Wynn sent us an email asking us to Take Action for her and find out if anything could be done to make the situation better for other potential jurors.

County officials say they know there are problems with the building, including a lack of running hot water to most of the building, but say if they make even one small change to the plumbing they will be forced to update the entire building to new building codes.

The only problem with the updates, officials say they would cost the county millions; money they say it not available.

The courthouse was built in 1966 according to the county website.




  • Jim

    The solution would be to demolish the current courthouse and build it somewhere else. The area it sits on is just too small to accomodate it. The city would develop the opened up space for restraurants or something else there. No need to spend millions updating it when you can spend that money on a better facility..

  • Tom

    Boo-hoo, I’ve been in that room and it ain’t that bad. Sounds like she was mad that she got called to do her civic duty and went in there with a bad attitude and everything seemed worse than it was. That room is fine, stop being a terd.

  • Ron

    So here’s what you do … Build a NEW, modern courthouse on a different piece of property somewhere nearby, then demolish the old one and turn it into a small park with bench seating, flowers, maybe a fountain.

  • Gilley23

    Jim and Ron I agree totally on a new courthouse and I support the park/ fountain idea to where the current one sits. I think If one were to get built PLEASE PLEASE lets make it more of a classical style that will look beautiful for the life of a new courthouse and not design one based on the the current style that passes in the wind.

  • Concerned citizen

    What about the mold inside various offices in the courthouse? This is something that needs to be fixed!!

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