‘Sexy’ mugshot goes viral on Facebook

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STOCKTON, Calif. – It must be the eyes… A mugshot posted by police on Facebook has gone viral. Police in  Stockton, California arrested four men during a gun sweep Wednesday. Police posted pictures of the suspects and weapons on Facebook later that evening.

But one mugshot in particular has grabbed the attention of Facebook nation.

Jeremy Meeks, 30, is a convicted felon who now faces felony weapons charges. He may also have a modeling career ahead of him. At the very least, a reality show.

Meeks’ mugshot has been liked more than 13,000 times.


  • Red

    My God! Anybody who thinks a mugshot is sexy would be a complete idiot. Who in the hell cares about this felon?!!! When is the world going to END and put a STOP to this bullcrap???

    • Jenna

      Seriously ? Lets give a felon fame like we do 16 year olds who get knocked up ! “16 and pregnant” whats next “to sexy for jail” … r u kidding me ?!? Modeling … looks to me like he picked the wrong path … ridiculous america …. get your act together people !!!!

  • Shaeshae

    Don’t hate. If you’re fine then you’re fine. If I think he is sexy that doesn’t mean I condone his crime it simply means Damn he’s fine!

  • Kathy Vinson

    Perfect example of bad choices, this very attractive young man could have used his God-given good looks and had a good life making a ton of money as a model, but there would have been a little work and responsibility, he will be very popular in prison in ways he probably won’t like!

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