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More sirens and shelters for Russellville

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Mother nature fears no one, and when she roars, we all hear it. The city of Russellville is listening to her and its residents. The city will install three new weather sirens and new shelters. Franklin county EMA director, Roy Gober, will help with the installation of the sirens and three shelters.

“I’m just thankful that a lot more people are going to have a place to go. The ones that they have now are getting over crowded. People have to go too far to get the storm shelter. The sirens, you know, they’re going to have the early warnings in areas that were kind of dead areas before that could not hear a siren,” said Gober.

Gober says the sirens are located on McDonald drive, Vincent drive and Hamilton Street. The new shelters will open on the property of fire station two, College Avenue and the intersection of Adam Street and Haton Circle.

Gober says those areas need assistance since they are further out in the county.

“It’s a great improvement for the city of Russellville. I’m happy that we are getting them and I’m glad to assist Russellville in getting them installed,” said Gober.

A step toward keeping residents out of Mother Nature’s path of destruction.