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Madison City Planning Commission Recommends Approval of Wall Triana Rezoning Plan

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – The Madison City Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of a controversial rezoning plan Thursday night.

The commission voted 6-3 in favor of recommending the rezoning plan.

More than fifty Madison residents showed up to voice their opinion.  At least a dozen of those in attendance spoke out against the plan, which would convert a piece of land on the corner of Wall Triana Highway and Brownsferry Road from residential to commercial zoning.

More than 150 people signed a petition opposing the proposed zoning change.  Many residents expressed concern that the shopping center would end up vacant and attract crime.

The land could become the site of new a high-end shopping center if the rezoning is completed.

The rezoning proposal now goes before the City Council for final approval.


  • Richard

    Good, I am glad it passed. The City of Madison needs the commercial revenue! And I do not want to catch any of those opposing 150 residents shopping in any of those stores lol!

    • Donna

      Oh, don’t worry. You won’t catch me in there. The city has PLENTY of other prime locations to collect commercial revenue. Why not use vacant locations on Madison Blvd.? What we will have is more empty “Dollar General”s. Remember when those popped everywhere in Madison and now most are vacant or have FINALLY found new business.
      There is NOTHING that says these have to be or even will be high-end retail. Remember when Madison Square Mall was “the” place to shop. Look at it now. Leave the residential area a residential area.

    • Atomic Rooster

      They recommended approval–what a shock. These people see nothing but tax revenue but the residents are the ones that have to suffer the consequences of these decisions. We don’t need additional shopping and certainly don’t need additional tacky junk moving in here. There is a time and a place for everything…this location is not it. The road system is already overwhelmed at the proposed site. I’m not for any additional development until the roads are widened/improved in the impacted areas.

  • Melissa Scopes

    Richard, you do realize that it doesn’t have to be ‘stores’? It could be a funeral home, a pawn shop or a number of other places that wouldn’t be a place to ‘shop’. We aren’t opposed to development, but we are opposed to the development of this corner when the traffic is already a nightmare.We are opposed to this corner being rezoned commercial when there are plenty of commercially zoned areas within a sticks throw of this corner. Use those first. They say that they want to bring in a neighborhood strip mall, but don’t we already have one of those? What happens to the Kroger shopping center when this one gets built? Will it turn into another empty center because we can’t support both? We give the Kroger shopping center enough business. Enough that you don’t see any empty stores and very little turnover. Leave well enough alone. We don’t need another empty strip mall in 6 months to a year after one opens. You laugh my friend, but you will see, there are more than 150 of us. We are just getting started.

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