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Officer-involved wreck under investigation in Madison

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A cyclist is recovering in Huntsville Hospital after a collision with a Madison Police Department patrol car.

It happened just before 6:30 a.m. near the intersection of Shelton Road and Old Madison Pike.

The cyclist is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Madison police officials say their thoughts and prayers are with the cyclist.

Alabama State Troopers are investigating the wreck.

The northern part of Shelton Road is partially blocked off due to the wreck.



  • KB

    Why is everyone so quick to blame law enforcement? Some people who ride bikes and even people who walk don’t abide by traffic laws. They expect everyone to watch out for them instead of having common sense and watch where they are going. I think some are just looking for a reason to sue someone.

  • Jonny Ondaspot

    I have actually been wondering about something that may be a contributing factor in this ‘accident’. Texting is now against the law in many states because it takes the drivers attention off the road. Hand held cell phones are a similar distraction. Police not only use their phones and text while moving but also use their onboard data terminals or laptops. So is this not considered a huge distraction if the vehicle is in motion regardless of a badge and gun-utility belt? I am seriously concerned about the double standard that continues to grow between civilians and law enfarcement ‘privilege’. I see the behavior gap growing and it just makes me wonder how these folks behind the badge got their super powers.

    As for the cyclist, glad you survived the hit, but dude you gotta pedal like everything out there is trying to kill you. No ipod and earbuds because you are on a ride that will not end well unless you expect to be hit by everything on wheels. I stopped riding my bike and my motorcycle simply because the cages are getting more outta control everyday. To many distracted drivers and as I said it makes me concerned that cops ticket us for things they do every shift, everyday, without penalty.

  • Susan Wheyn

    I find it interesting that WHNT deletes so many comments. Earlier there were several more on this story and a couple had very interesting questions despite the dislike for law enforcement that was underlying. I was curious to see any responses to them but alas WHNT has decided to remove them without recognizing the validity of the questions posed. So much for asking the tough questions.

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