Update: Police identify gas station shooting victims

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - An early-morning shooting at a Huntsville gas station left one dead and two others injured Wednesday.

Officers say Ashia Raquel Oliver, 18, died at the scene of the shooting. Andrae Norvel, 20, and Wendell Jackson, 18, were also injured in the shooting. They were both taken to the hospital to be treated.

Huntsville Police Deputy Chief Kirk Giles said, "The young lady, Ms.  Oliver who passed away, as we can tell as not a participant in this original incident. She was an innocent bystander."

It started when officers responded to the Sunoco Gas Station on Pulaski Pike around 2:00 a.m. Wednesday. The gas station is located on the corner of Mastin Lake Road.

Police numerous shots were fired after a large crowd gathered at the scene. Investigators believe the incident may have actually started at the Wavaho gas station on Winchester Road. They're working to determine whether that altercation may have led to the shooting on Pulaski Pike.

"We're going to have to go to everywhere the investigation leads us. Whether it be a club, or somewhere else. I have heard it  may have happened from a parking lot to a ball field. We will gave to go to each of those," added Giles.

Investigators believe there are multiple shooters, based on witness reports.

No arrests have been made.


      • shelton white

        you are so quick. quick to say “north” huntsville. perhaps you missed the story about the locations of all the shootings in hville this year. your comment is racist at worst, ignorent at best. wow. you are what i hate about hville.

      • Nuclear Mike

        North Huntsville is what is hated about Huntsville as the community there continues to suffer from their own…

      • Me

        True, the articles never state that a shooting occurs in the north side of Huntsville, that would be wrong according to some people and the journalists would be called racists and ignorant for stating facts

      • Me

        Not sure what story you are talking about… I have been keeping up with all the shootings so far this year and the majority take place in north Huntsville. If you can stay away from north Huntsville you are far less likely to be shot randomly… just saying

    • Michaelangelo

      Seriously? One word missing and your reading comprehension goes to the wayside? It was obviously supposed to read, “Police say numerous shots were fired…”

      This is just an example of why we need common core in schools.

  • Wes

    Let’s see, late night early morning, large thug crowd at a gas station, most likely drugs and alcohol flowing, Hmmm??? A reasonable person would know that’s not a safe place to be. Your only a victim if you want to be, sorry if the truth hurts, but this girl should have known better not to be there. Hopefully some good will come out of this if at least one teenager learns from this and does not become a future victim.

    • bee

      Maybe she had a reason to be there and yu dont know her. So please keep your comments to your self.

  • keith

    Our youth need to be educated to the degree that they no and feel that we all as Asiatic human beings have a place in God’s divine plan and that fake hip hop rap doesn’t drug dealing, fake thugs, and shooting and killing each other is not, you want to shoot at people go to Iraq or Afghanistan with y all coward a $$ e’s y all have parents and a whole race of people that are judged for the stupid actions, that’s why we are being targeted by the police and powers to be. Parent’s we also need your help in y all to raise your kids they don’t know the consequences of their actions get off Facebook and out from in front of the TV and love and guide our you and show and prove that you love them, don’t let up be persistent and show them that being grown comes with responsibility. SEVEN , Word from GOD

  • White Woman up North

    Why are some people using this senseless death as a way to feel superior? Violence is everywhere. No one person or place is to blame in this instance. We should wait for the full story to come out.

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